Online car dealers utilize intelligent ways to make your car shopping seamless and efficient. They make use of search engines to help you search and compare multiple cars online, their prizes, features and reviews.

online car dealer

We have put together the Top 5 online car dealers for you to research and discover the best car you. If you are still wondering what the best car for you look like, check out our article right here for more insights.

Without any further delay, let’s get to it:


Carmax offers a very wide range of new and used cars at a fixed and affordable prize. The company also offers pickups and delivery services at many locations. It allows you to filter using many features like mileage, vehicle history, previous owners, model, etc.

Carmax also offers preapproval process for those who want to finance their purchase instantly as well as for those who wish to take a car loan.

Carmax shipping fees vary across locations. Shipping is free within the local state, and it takes only a couple of days to deliver, while users are required to pay a for shipping for out of town delivery and can take up to a week or two for delivery.

People who have purchased from Carmax have had positive reviews about the company. Visit their site for more information.

Online Car dealers: Carvana

Carvana is one of the best online car dealership. They perform rigorous checks on the cars they consider fit for purchase. They have a policy against selling cars that have been in an accident.

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The company have really great reviews from customers who have purchased cars from them. Customers have had reviews of how easy it is to purchase vehicles through their website.

The prices for cars sold on Carvana are fixed so there’s no haggling. Pictures of cars listings are effectively taken. They handle shipping fee for locations close to them but this feature is not available to all cars.


Autotrader has been known for many years as a popular print magazine. But in recent times they have been expanding their franchise to online car marketing.

Autotrader doesn’t sell cars but they connect buyers with a range of options. They make use of search engines which allows customers to filter through dozens of cars within their budget.

Autotrader also offer an app for both apple and Android phones to make buying and selling cars much easier. They have no return policy.

Online Car dealers: TrueCar

Compared to some other online car dealers, TrueCar offers both old and new cars online. Customers have the option of filtering through different vehicles, their model and other specific details.

TrueCar matches your savings with their collection of cars, so that anytime a vehicle available matches your description, you would be notified. They also offer trade-in program. You visit their website, enter details about your car on its website to receive instant trade-in estimate.


TRED operates as a person-to-person used car operation. They search for buyers compare prices, communicate with sellers and schedule car deals.

On TRED, you also have the option of selling your used car. TRED is responsible for verifying the legitimacy of the car deal and also confirming the ownership and state of the car. All payments are made through TRED.

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These are the Top 5 online car dealers for 2022. Feel free to visit their websites for more details. To find out more about getting the best car for you, do check out our article on Knowing the best car for me in 2022.

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