Tesla Self Driving Car that’s our article for today. The renegade behavior of Elon Musk has being of his most admired trait. He just pulled off-one again with the release of tesla self driving car. Yes self drive cars like in the movies. There is no doubt there is a lot of good to expect of Tesla but rolling out self drive cars on the street wasn’t supported by a lot of people.

Tesla Self Driving Car

The Smart summon is a software that allows you to summon you Tesla car to a controlling smart phone. The app exists on any smart phone and with it you can send a command for your car to turn it self on and pull out a parking space. The app works 200 feets away from the app.

Tesla self driving cars are to be used in private parking lots or drive ways. Furthermore the company instructs user that the cars must be insight when using the app. This is because the app can not detect obstacles

Follow up Comments on The Tesla Self Driving Car

Every invention comes up with follow up comment. Tesla self driving cars is no different below are some of the notable comments.

  • Despite the warning if using it in private parking lots, Times reporter Russ Mitchell says it wont take long to see Tesla cruising through busy shopping malls and parking lots or on driving on public roads. There is a danger that the car might also drive out of the sight of their operator.
  • Government high way safety administrators say they are at watch and keeping tabs on users of the tesla self driving cars. No hesitation will be taken on users who will use the driver-less.
  • There are also rules for driverless cars at state level and these laws will apply to the Tesla self driving cars. In the advent of the drive-less cars, California is one of the major driver for rules governing them.
  • The DMV made comments that using the summon app in parking lots does not autonomous technology. Going  further, the DVM spokesman The tesla self driving car to others self technologies and drew a point that summon does not deserve the regulations government is calling for.
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Although the company has stated that the car feature should only be used in private lots, but the truth is who is going to monitor how user go on to apply the summon app. There isn’t enough preventive majors in place for a self drive action without obstacle detection in it. The person sitting at the driver seat is basically there for only legal purpose, the car will do the driving itself, he/she isn’t doing anything on the car. Kindly visit their official platform to learn more.

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