There is no doubt that Self-driving cars is the way of the future. As such self driving car companies are emerging to fill the void of creating cars that can drive themselves. With companies like Elon Musk’s Tesla and google leading the charge, there is both hope feature is near. The Summon tech by tesla motor was just a taste of what is to come.

Self Driving Car Companies


For start, the public expects self driving car companies to fix cars capable of sensing the environment without human assistance. As such users and world governments are expecting the companies to get the sensor absolutely before a full launch in the future. If these answers are not answered and answered correctly there might be a huge increase in accident than having a human in charge. However, with techs like automatic brake systems and near field sensors already in place in recent times, there is hope that we are heading in the right direction.

Leading Self Driving Car Companies

On this list, you will find pioneers self driving car companies in the world today.

Google Self Driving Car

Google is at the center of the internet world today. I am afraid there is rarely any technology that does not circle back to google. Google map feature will come in handy in the future but the real headway as a self driving car company is the creation of a car that is capable of sensing obstructions up to a football pitch away. The app is capable of noticing pedestrians, cyclists, other cars, traffic lights, and other road elements.

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Tesla Cars

Elon Musk’s And his Tesla is known for outside the box thinking when it comes to cars. Tesla cars are already setting the pace in what cars should look like in the near future.

The Tesla S model is said to be equipped with a self-drive feature. Its feature includes a forward radar, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, automatic brake systems and GPS services. All these features offer feedback to ensure the pilot mode is safe.


The self driving car company has to embark on research in the field since 2014. The centuries-old company is keen on having a say on the self driving car companies race to the future. The Groupe Renault is combining with other companies under its coverage on this quest (Renault, Dacia, and Renault Samsung Motors) in Alliance with Nissan.

They are planning on launching a pilot public transportation system in France. As an 1894 company with a bullish approach on things, they are not taking the foot off the pedal and they are seeking complete dominance. They are hoping to develop the program to run by September through December 2019.

Toyota Self Driving Car

The Toyota brand is arguably the most popular brand in the continent with deep roots in the African and Asia-Europe market. There is no getting by the company in the advent of self-driving technology. Toyota has gone on a quest of their own to place themselves among the self driving car companies.

Toyota channels much of its self-drive system has been to its luxury cars the Lexus. Lexus GS features a displays of Toyota’s works on self driving. The Lexus GS is capable of self drive on highways. It is also capable of evaluating and making decisions on traffic situations as well as switching lanes on the highway.

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General Motors

General Motors Company manufactures and sells sedans, crossovers, sport utility vehicles, coupes, sports, pick-up trucks and hybrid vehicles, hatchbacks, and vans. The company provides used vehicles and offers its products through dealers and distributors.

GM’s self-driving vehicle unit, GM Cruise, is aggressively competing with Waymo, a subsidiary of Google, to be first to bring fully autonomous cars to market. GM is testing a ride-sharing service using self-driving cars as its backbone. With the change in transportation needs and preferences, GM is confident that autonomous vehicles (AVs) will be an important part of its business one day, making it one of the world’s top self driving car companies.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes have become synonymous with luxury cars. The saying that the only two cars in the world are  Mercedes and the rest. In that way, they have stood way above competitions with every brand they make. The 2014 Mercedes S class is capable of driving its self. it is capable of maintaining lanes, sensing obstacles when parking and detect driver’s fatigue.

In Conclusion

Much more is expected from these companies in the near future. 2020 might just be the year where we will finally see more cars come out to the public. But this post is geared towards making you know that something is definitely cooking.

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