The Honda ridgeline 2019 model is one of the best mid-size truck that you can get for an affordable price. To top it up the truck has all the necessary features that you would want in a truck. It comes in tow versions an all-wheel drive and a front-wheel drive. The latest upgrades from the previous models include an 8-inch touchscreen, additional USB ports, LaneWatch,  blind-spot monitoring system, and Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto compatibility.

Honda Ridgeline 2019

Below are some of the Pros and cons


  • Good handling 
  • Unique large lockable trunk
  • All-wheel-drive system 
  • Spacious interior for passengers


  • Complex navigation interface
  • A lowered capacity of 3,500 pounds on front-wheel-drive model
  • Driving aid can be a distraction.

The Honda Ridgeline 2019 Features

Below are the features that are worth noting from the Honda Ridgeline

Engine Performance

The Honda Ridgeline 2019 model is a special truck amongst others in 2019. The truck is built with a 3.5-liter V6 engine with automatic six-speed. It is a good round town truck as well because of its great handling. It accelerates zero to 60 mph in 7.4 seconds from recent tests.

The truck is supported by an efficient brake system that offers good stopping power. A firm brake pedal is one of the good reassurance that the brake is there for you. The Honda Ridgeline 2019 model just needs 126 feet to pull off a 60-0 mph panic stop.
The truck is neither strong or too lazy. It possesses six-speed automatic transmission that enables it to work perfectly on smooth surfaces.
The Honda ridgeline 2019 has a traction system that helps it to cope with driving on snow, sand, and dirt. Although the ability to cope on a rough surface is deterred by the lack of ground clearance, low-range for rockier territory.

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Comfort and Interior

Comfort is one of the features expected of trucks as it is built for load and passengers. The Honda Ridgeline checks this box. The front seats are nice because they offer supportive padding for long-distance.
There is admirable low engine noise for a truck. The triple-sealed doors shut out noise from entering. As a mid-size truck, the getting in/getting out of the Honda Ridgeline 2019 model is very easy for shorter folks but offers some difficulty for taller ones.
The material choice for the interior makes it a sophisticated family-friendly truck.

Infotainment And Technology

The Honda Ridgeline 2019 model integrates well with mobile devices including the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Although the 8-inch touchscreen audio system is less admire, it compensates with some driving aid features.
The Bluetooth audio and USB phone connectivity support iPod while an auxiliary supports all devices. Driving aid is some offer that compensates at least. The standard supports includes an automated emergency braking, lane-control assist, adaptive cruise control and more. However, these features are only available on high-end models such as the RTL-E and Black Edition.

You can control phone, navigation, and audio using voice commands. As far as you meet the guidelines of speaking in plain language. Just press and hold the voice button to issue commands to Siri.

Honda Ridgeline 2019 Prices

The Honda Ridgeline 2019 models are price range between $37,000 and $42,000 across all models. These prices depend on the dealers as well.

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