Are you planning on buying your first car, here is article  in knowing the best Car for me. It can be very overwhelming figuring out the best car for you. This is why we have prepared a step by step guide that would guide you to know the best car for you.


The best car for me

Following this guide, you would come to know whether to go for a new car or a used car, price ranges and many other factors that would be laid out for you.

Follow our 5 easy steps to know the best car for you in 2022:

Knowing the best Car for me. Step 1: What are your Needs?

You alone would be able to determine what your needs are. The right car starts with what you want in general from your dream car.

What sort of statement do you want to make with your car? Some individuals love to go for cars that speaks strength (durability), or speed (more horsepower), “sexy” (something sporty yet affordable), heavy duty (SUV’s or trucks).

In general, for those that need vehicles for daily duties should go for functionality above any other features.

Access your needs first by answering these questions:

  • What sort of driving do you hope to do? Is it constant travelling, or just touring city roads?
  • How many passengers do you need to carry?
  • Would you be requiring an all-wheel drive?
  • List out you’re the major features of the car
  • Will you be adding children into the mix?
  • What sort of parking space do you have?
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Step 2: Plan your Budget

Now that you have the first step all figured out, the next thing to do is plan your budget. Ask yourself these questions below in order to be able to figure out the next step:

  • What range of prizes would you be going for?
  • How much are you willing to spend
  • Do you intend on purchasing with card, or cheque, or do you intend paying in installments.
  • What are the tax rates on your intended purchase car
  • Do you intend on buying a new car or used one?
  • You would need to factor in some amount of money you would spend on extra expenses like, damage, fuel, insurance costs, etc.

Having all that worked out, you can then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Decide on what categories of car you are going for

Depending on what you decided in the previous step, let’s say you are going for a brand new car. What sort of categories of cars are you going for?

Some cars are cheap to purchase but expensive to maintain, while some are quite expenses to purchase but less expensive to maintain.

Knowing this important factor would help you at the long run in your car usage.

Step 4: Find a good Car Dealer shop

The old method of buying cars had you going to physical car dealership shops and asking for the specs for your desired cars.

Now we have various online car dealerships where you can go and search for your desired cars, and even filter your search to find cars in a specific color, with different options. Example of such is “”.

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Step 5: Test Drive your car

If you have done all previous steps, you should be at the stage of purchasing your new/used car. Before you can proceed to doing that, you need to always test drive your car.

Test driving a car lets you experience first-hand all features of the car. Drive the car the way you would do any other day in the week.

Check out the passenger seats, the cargo space, the stereo (if you are a lover of music), listen to the sound of the engine carefully, take pictures inside the car, etc.

While you evaluate the car, don’t be distracted; focus on your check list. Check list are the list of things you want your dream car to have.

If its meets your expectation, then go ahead and make a purchase. Note this article does not in any way promote any brand/type of car, it is merely a guide to help you know what car best suits you.

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