This article revolves around Best Cars For Uber.  Driving for uber requires a lot on the cars so the choice of car is very very important. The best cars for uber are suppose to be at the right balance between economy and fashionable /modern. As such much care is required when choosing a car if you intend going into riding for uber.

Best Cars For Uber

Consideration To Choose The Best Cars For Uber

Before choosing the best cars for uber, there are somethings to consider.

  • Location
  • Running Cost
  • Safety
  • Comfort

Top 5 Best Cars For Uber

Before going into any venture it is paramount to consider cost against expected profit. It is also not different when going into riding for uber. So the first you need to do is sample the prices for the best cars for uber on this list against the city you live and how many hours you can ride for.

Well there is not much i can do about helping choose about riding for uber but the list will ensure you get the one of the best cars for uber.

2018 Cheverolet Malibu

The car offers a neat and beautiful exterior. Great linings on the body of the car. The car was re designed in 2016 and giving a sleeker interior features. It has an good room to make passenger and riders to be comfortable and has a 5 star rating from drivers.

It features among the best cars for uber because of the following reasons

  • spacious interior
  • Fuel economics
  • Apple and android compatibility
  • Good safety ratings
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However only real disadvantage is that a lot of the trunk space is scarified to increase the space inside.

2018 Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

The Toyota Prius is practically structure to take more passengers within the car. Prius hybrid offers a short trunk and short front engine space to accommodate much space in the car. This should be a good new for tall uber riders. From the picture you will notice it is a light weight car but rugged as well.

Feature that makes it among the best cars for uber

  • Easy to control
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity
  • Plenty of space to accommodate passengers

The car features a lowered seat that can be comfortably close to the ground. It is quite uneasy to get out of the car especially for tall uber riders.

2019 Lexus ES

The 2019 Lexus ES is a perfect balance between luxury and comfort. Its luxury appearance leaves an impression when you show up. It is a car any uber rider will wish they own. A 350 horse power car that is more than your average uber car. It feels good going on the high way in one of this and it is packed with a lot of features. It has bulged out sides to accommodate passenger.

Some of the feature that makes it one of the best cars for uber

  • Great Balance from low center of gravity
  • Easy control
  • More room for passengers and luggage

It offers great features and comfort but might be too expensive for the class of uber it fits into.

Best Sedan: 2015+ Toyota Camry

If there is a car that could match Toyota for interior spacing this is it. You will surely get a good rating from riders in this. It has a good safety rating as it has forward-collision warning and automatic brake feature. The car is tested and rated on various Camry collision ratings.

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Reason why this is one of the best buys for uber riding

  • It is very reliability
  • Good fuel-economy ratings
  • Large trunk space

The chopped interior spacing kind of makes it less spacious than most on the list.

Kia Soul

The kia soul is one of the best cars for uber because if its safety rating. It has a box design that can be both luxury and comfortable. The wagon look makes it a very comfortable spaced car and best for those who would prefer a wagon car. In-spite of the car appearance, the car has a good space to fit passengers comfortably.

Below are some of reasons why this is one of the best cars for uber

  • Driving Assistance
  • 5 Star safety rating
  • Ok fuel economy

One of the disadvantage is that uber requires better fuel economy.

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