how short journey can damage a car

How short Journeys Can Damage your Car 2022

When you have almost everything you need close to you, you find yourself taking short drives very often. In this article, we would be looking at how short journeys can damage your short journey can damage a car

There are ways in which you could prevent such even if you have to go on very frequent short journeys. Without any further delay, let’s get to it.

Here are the major areas in which short journeys can damage your vehicle:

A short Journey is bad for your Car motor Oil

The way engine oil works are that whenever your car powers up, its density reduces; making it able to lower more easily and lubricate your engine’s internal components efficiently.

The damage a short journey does to your car motor oil is that the motor oil doesn’t reach its optimal operating temperature. The lack of heat can prevent the oil from reaching all the ideal parts of the engine.

And also, the motor oil requires a certain amount of heat to rid itself of some contaminants within itself. When your engine doesn’t power up to such temperature, it affects the oil and ultimately damages the engine in return.

The solution is to take time to warm up your car daily. If you know you wouldn’t be going too far a distance of even driving at all, power up your vehicle in the morning and leave it to run for at least 30 – 40 minutes.

A short Journey is bad for your car’s Battery Life

Powering up your car requires a lot of battery. Getting the engine to start requires a lot of battery power than when the engine is running. As you drive, your alternator recharges your battery and keeps it ready for the next power-up.

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This is necessary to improve the life of your car battery. For more information on improving your car battery lifespan, read our article.

When you find yourself going for short journeys frequently, it could damage the lifespan of your car and ultimately damage your car in the long run.

Signs of this damage could be that your headlight would reduce its intensity and your engine would begin to power up very slowly.

What should you do?

To improve the lifespan of your car, one of the ways is to get a home car battery charger. This would charge your battery whenever you are not driving and, don’t want to leave your engine running to reduce the burning of fuel.

Another option is visiting a Car Auto Care Service often to do car checkups. Read our article on how to increase the lifespan of your battery for more insight.

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