Car battery is one essential part of the vehicle engine and it needs a lot of care and management to keep your engine going. Car batteries will always stay alive as long as it makes use of the extra power from the car engine. Most car batteries stay for already five years without been charged or replaced.


Car battery


The Best car in the world runs out of battery power or dies down prematurely when your vehicle lights are on for a long time. It’s so inconvenient to be caught in a scene whereby your battery is. There are different ways you can charge your car battery by yourself but the easiest way is the jumper start method.

The jumper start method

Prepare battery for charging

Safety is the most important thing when charging your car battery. Changing a car battery could be done by bare hands. But it better has done with safety equipment such as protective eyeglasses to protect the eyes against unexpected falling particles. From beneath the hood of the car such as sparks and liquid substances from the battery.

Gloves may be also be needed and the area of work should be neat and ventilated to enable you to work well. Be sure that there are no children on the site because sparks may fly off if negative and positive come together with each other.

Distinguish the kind of your car battery

You should know the kind of battery your vehicle uses, it can be found written on the battery but if the label is not visible enough you can visit the manufacturer’s website to get the information. The voltage of your battery should be noted also. you can check it out on your vehicle owners manual. the type batteries include,

  • (VRLAB) Valve regulated lead-acid battery. these are completely sealed batteries and they don’t maintenance. they are also gel cell or absorbed glass mat batteries and there are mostly found in aftermarkets vehicle.
  • Wet cell batteries can be serviced which means they can be improved to help sustain the life of the battery
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Find a car battery charger

Find the battery charger that is most appropriate for your battery. Most battery chargers could charge your battery fast. It can even provide you with a jump start and some will charge your battery slowly.

But can last long just like the trickle charger. Many new chargers are made with microprocessors that check how much charge has been transferred to the battery.

Unlike old battery chargers that need to be turned off after the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharging. You can buy on Amazon

Disconnect the battery from the engine bay

Its essential you remove car batteries of the engine bay before charging. Most times it doesn’t need to be removed depending on the method of charging but if you find it difficult to reach the battery it has to be brought out of the engine bay.

Clean the battery before charging

Dirt on the battery terminal can lessen the connection from the charger to the battery and could reduce battery charge. Use baking soda and sandpaper to scrape rust away from the terminal of the battery.

Make sure they are well scraped until you can find only pure metals. After all the preparations its now time to get your battery charged.

The jump-starting method

The jump-starting method is one of the simplest ways to power your car battery at home. Even when you are caught in a breakdown due to battery issues. Here is the step you need to take when jump-starting your battery.

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Get a fully charged car

The jump-starting requires the use of another car electrical system to power another dead car battery. Before charging do well to find the location of both batteries.

Most car batteries are located in the trunk. After it parks both cars side by side. Or opposite to enable the jumper cables to be fixed together with both batteries.

Make sure both vehicles are on the park in other not to let any move when charging is in progress.

Connect batteries with jumper cables

Sparks will be created be if the positive and the negative sides of each terminal meet when both cars are on. So it’s better you shut off both cars.

Connect the positive jumper cable to the good battery and the other positive cable to the positive terminal of the dead one. Do the same to the negative parts too, and all these should be done while both cars are off.

Start car with Good battery

After installing cables start the car that has a good battery and immediately charging begins. Do not remove both vehicles on the park or neutral when charging is in progress wait for the battery to charge for 3 minutes.

After a few minutes of charging start the dead battery car. And if it refuses to start to wait for some more time for the battery to charge. If the car eventually starts don’t be in a rush to turn it off.

Wait for it to work for some minutes again. This will make the vehicle alternator power the battery once more, after which you should disconnect the cable from each vehicle.

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