The oil is an essential lubricant to the engine. Without it, your vehicle won’t drive for a long time. Oil helps to reduce friction in the engine and keeps the engine running. You ought to check your oil at least once a month. it might not be easy to change your oil but there is every possibility that you can check your oil level by yourself.

Check Oil level

checking your engine oil is one of the easiest things every driver has to know how to do, it just needs some series of the procedure to follow. Most European cars don’t have oil dipstick to check the oil level.

So sometimes you have to use the driver vehicles manual to know how to check your vehicle oil level, but for vehicles with dipstick, these are the procedures to be taken to check your vehicle’s oil.

How to Check Your Engine Oil level

Shut engine

If you were driving on the road, Park your car in a comfortable place and turn off your engine, wait for up to 20 minutes for the engine to cool off.

Look for a clean rag paper towel or probably an old t-shirt after that use your owner’s manual to find where the oil dipstick of your car is kept.

Pull out the dipstick

After you turn off the engine and the car may have gotten warm. Pop the wood of your vehicle, bring the dipstick out of the oil jar. Some vehicle dipstick is located on the left-hand side of the hood. And they are made with colored heads to make it obvious.

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Clean the dipstick thoroughly with the rag or towel, note that the first result on the dipstick is not accurate because the oil would have splash over the dipstick when driving.

Insert the Dipstick in again

Dip the stick in the oil jar and wait for some seconds after which you should bring it out. Check the end of the stick. Some models of the dipstick are textured. This part represents the capacity of pan and some are marked with a line. The oil is amber in color so it will be obvious see.

Check and confirm the oil level on the two sides on the dipstick. The bottom of the dipstick will indicate how bad or good your oil is.

Inspect the oil color and texture on the stick, it will help you determine how good your oil is. If it shows that the oil on the stick is milky, blackish or gritty it simply means your oil needs to be changed.

And if the oil is low do well to refill it to enable the engine to work as good as expected.

Clean and insert the dipstick back in place

After you have checked the oil level and its texture and the changes. Or top-ups have been done clean the dipstick before inserting it in the oil jar.

Note that, Checking your oil regularly and changing it at the appropriate time is the best thing to do. It helps your engine stay in good condition.

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