Are you New to the driving World? Were you taught how to drive but never knew or understood what your Car Dashboard Symbols and Signs are, or what they are used for. There is still a chance to for you know what a dashboard is and why they are used in cars. but first, you have to know what a dashboard is.

Car Dashboard Symbols and Signs

What is a Car Dashboard?

A dashboard is a control panel that is usually stated directly opposite the driver seat showing Instrumentation and also takes charge of most of the vehicle operations.

A dashboard can also be referred to as the instrument panel or dash. Dashboards have been in existence since the 19th century and were used to guide passengers and drivers from debris coming from the front tires of the vehicle

But in recent times the dashboard has been upgraded and now carries different features to help drivers easily monitor the vehicle Program as new car models evolved a new padded car dashboard was created by Preston Turker in 1948.

And was the first of it kind. dashboards are now redefinition of safety in cars. the dashboard is made up of different parts which carries their own personal meaning and uses. Below are the features of a dashboard.

Parts of a Dashboard

The dashboard consists of simple controls such as the steering and instrumentation that gives information on the petrol level, speed level and weather information and even entertainment features there are.

  • Engine coolant temperature Gauge
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Tachometer
  • Speedometer
  • turn indicator
  • odometer
  • engine malfunction light
  • gear position indicator
  • parking brake warning light
  • low tire pressure
  • low oil pressure
  • seat belt warning light
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Other features like navigation signs and airbag faults signal and more. now you know what a dashboard consists you should also know what their symbols and sign mean.

Symbols and Sign With their meaning

Below are some common Symbols and Signs with their Meaning.

Check engine indicator

This sign probably tells you to check your engine even if you feel your car is good to go this happens because of potential problems that could occur in the engine which you could avoid. when this light turns on it is advised that you stop driving and check the engine for any issue.


Brake warning light

This sign could be a life saving for you and passengers. it could illuminate when the hand brake was not released completely or the brake fluid needs topping or probably the brake wear pad has developed a fault and if signs persist it should be case whereby the braking system is bad.


Oil pressure indicator

These indicate that your oil pump is either faulty or the oil in the pump is small and needs to be filled. it turns on whenever the oil pump is not able to circulate oil due to the quantity of oil and could cause damages to the engine.


Airbag indicators

Your car has detected there is a problem with your airbag. You should be aware that your airbag needs check whenever these light illuminates and needs professional repairs immediately.


Abs indication light

The ABS indicator turns on when there is a fault in the anti braking system this doesn’t mean your brakes won’t work, it just tells that you won’t be able to use the emergency brakes.

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Seat belt indication light

You shouldn’t be told to tighten your seat belt whenever you see this light on. You could be fined by the authority if you weren’t putting your seat belt on when driving. This could also be a life-saving tip for you.


Petrol Gauge light

Your fuel tank has been made with a sensor that tells you how much petrol you have left in the tank. whenever your fuel is low the fuel indicator turns on. these simply means you have to go to a fuel station to get your fuel tank topped.

Car Dashboard Symbols and Signs

Tire pressure indicator

When this light illuminates, it means either one or all your vehicle tire pressure is low you have to get to the nearest Vulcanizer to get them pumped.


ESP (Electronic stability problem) indicator

This warning light tells you that you are losing grip on the road while driving. all you have to do is pull over and turn the engine off and on again.

Car Dashboard Symbols and Signs

Battery warning light

This means your battery is getting low and you need to switch off battery consumption appliances in the car. To help manage the battery. Do not make the mistake of turning the car off just-in-case it refuses to start again.


Engine temperature indicator

This tells you your engine has been overheating. And it needs to cool, all you have to do is pull over turn off the engine to allow it cool off. Before hitting the road again.

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