As a car owner who drives to work on a daily basis and probably have pet and kids, it can really be hard most times to keep your car interior clean. Keeping a clean interior is important but we should also think of how it is, if your car interior is clean, leaving the exterior dusty and messed up.

Car Interior

Making our car exterior sparkling is the first thing to think about because its the first glance to be caught by anyone and it will make a first impression of how your car interior would look like.  So, below are the best ways to keep your car interior clean.

Before we talk about keeping your car interior clean we should first understand why it’s necessary to keep the interior of your car clean. Here are basic needs why we should keep our cars tidy.

Why you should keep your car interior tidy.

It’s necessary to keep your cars clean, keeping neat is not just for your personal advantage but also for commercial purposes.

It increases your car’s worth.

Nobody wants to buy a filthy car. If your car is neat it will always portray how good it may be and make it worth more than what it really is and it also helps maintain a positive value of your car.

To avoid embarrassment

If you were to be a public transporter and you have passengers hop into your car finding a can of soft drink on the passenger’s seat.

This will warrant a misunderstanding between you and the passengers in your car and may as well lead to insults and fights. Saving yourself the embarrassment by cleaning your car before boarding any passenger is best advised.

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To maintain a positive health status

A dirty place is a resting home for bacteria so it is a dirty car. Keeping old dirty items away from your car is the ideal action to be taken to prevent germs. In other to avoid contractions of infectious diseases

To maintain a conducive atmosphere in the car

Bad odor can chase people away from you and your car, leaving food waste and bottled drinks will make your car contract unpleasant odor, make sure they are not of any waste in the vehicle.

Now you know why it’s essential to keep your vehicle interior tidy. We now move on to knowing how we can make the interior of our cars sparkling new.

How to wash a Car interior

There are different ways to wash your car interior. they are listed below.

Take trashes away

Before making use of the vacuum machine. There is waste that can be taking away with your hands like papers and nylons lying on the floor. Also, under the drivers and passengers seat  do well by taking them all out

Dust foot mats

Take all four-foot mats out of the vehicle shake off sand and dust. Use a hard brush to get hard dirt stocked to the mats. Wash with soap and water after which you allow them to dry in the sun to avoid odors in the car.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum machines are used to get rid of little or invisible waste that eyes can’t see. It can not be reached by the hand use the vacuum under and behind chairs, behind brakes, understeering to take out unseen dirt.

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Wipe interior parts with a rag

After making use of the vacuum machine. It’s sure that the vehicle will be covered in dust. Grab a rag soak in water and squeeze it use it to clean the steering handle. And dashboard use window cleaner sprays with a piece of paper to wipe windows.

Watch out for pet furs

Vacuums at times don’t get furs out when cleaning make sure you check thoroughly for your pet’s hairs in the car. And take them out with your hands.

Spray deodorants

Spraying a car freshener will give your car a very comfortable and welcoming scent. After wiping and vacuuming do well to prepare a car freshener. Or buy one from the supermarkets to give your car a finishing touch to your cleaning.

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