Driving to work you noticed sudden vibrations and noises in your car and you are not sure what would have caused the vibration. Most likely it’s your engine mount. What we will be discussing today will tell us, Ways of detecting if your car engine mount has gone bad. Firstly you have to know what an engine mount is and what it looks like.

Engine Mount

What is an Engine Mount?

They are blocks made of metal and rubber that are mounted on an iron that joins with the engine and bolted in three or places. These mounts are called transmission mounts. An engine is made up of moving and vibrating parts, the mount holds the engine to reduce vibration been felt in the car.

Engine mounts are made of rubber to avoid metal to metal contact between the car and the engine and the rubber parts absorb shock and vibration.

Most car manufacturers like Honda and Toyota use vacuum controlled engine mounts in which various dampening is needed. Unlike Porsche which uses electromagnetic engine mounts to lessen the amounts of vibration in the car.

How Long do Engine Mounts last?

Most engine mounts last as long as the vehicle. Engine mounts need no servicing or maintenance to make them durable, They can only derive faults and show signs of malfunction after 5-7 years of using the vehicle.

Signs of a Bad Engine Mount.

Most mounts problems occur when the rubber part cracks or separates from the engine or when you notice liquid leakage from a liquid-filled engine mount, after which the impacts can be felt in the car.

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Noises From the engine bay

When your engine mount fails it has no control over the engine anymore which causes banging. Banging occurs when you pick pace while driving. This happens mostly on manual transmission cars. When mounts are really bad, the axles act like a lever helping the engine lift up and when you try to lift off the gas the engine falls back resulting to a bang that produces noise.

Idle vibration

When you apply torque you notice a vibration when the vehicle is not in motion, You can check for yourself if the mounts are good by holding the brake on and applying throttle, You will feel the movements of the engine. the rubber parts of your engine mount are broken and it will lessen the ability to absorb shocks thereby causing vibrations in the vehicle and this could uncomfortable for you.

Movements of the engine

Engine movements are uncomfortable and could be embarrassing. keeping an engine dampened is the work of the transmission mounts. a bad mount will let the engine free and causes it to move about in the bay and this doesn’t only cause vibration but can also damage other parts in the bay. this movement occurs when vehicles are been accelerated.

What to do when mounts fail

Transmission mounts can not be serviced or repaired. They can only be changed. Managing mounts will only cause more damage to the other mounts and this could cost you more.

It is advised to change all mounts to reduce cost variation and expenses. Transmission mounts vary in cost as about $70-$350 depending on their quality and labor charges.

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For example, the Honda odyssey mounts cost $1800 with labor cost. The use of aftermarket parts is also good and cheap. When using aftermarket parts be sure to detect good quality.

Its costs, for example, some researches were made on amazon for the Honda civic 2011 engine mount. The price worth being paid. You can Buy Engine Mount From Amazon Here. If you have in mind to change your engine mounts at home it won’t be easy. Because the engines need to be carried from beneath. So it is better advised to take it to the workshop or probably leave the for a mechanic.

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