How to Remove Car Wax. Some people don’t know how important waxing their car is.

Waxing your car will help in protecting the finish of your car and also make your car look great.

How to Remove Car Wax

So many people tend to forget that the very important step in waxing their car is to strip off the old wax on the car. Though the process takes a little know-how and finesse.

Not to worry, in this article, we will be showing you a guide to follow on how to remove car wax.

But before diving in, we really need to know the major types of car wax. So we will know which of them works best for us. What are the major types of Car Wax?

Types of Car Wax

Like I said earlier, car waxing is very important if you are looking at protecting your car’s finish and you also want your car to get that great look.

So, basically, there are two types of Car Wax; Carnauba Wax and Synthetic wax.

The Carnauba wax

The Carnauba wax which is also known as the natural car wax has been existing for a very long time now.

This wax comes from a palm plant and this can only be found in Northeastern Brazil.

When you apply this car wax properly, it gives your car that brilliant shine that’s very hard to beat.

It doesn’t stop there, you still have to work more to strip before you now proceed to apply a new coat. And that is why most people opt for Synthetic wax.

Synthetic Wax

The synthetic wax is actually the opposite of the carnauba wax as it does not come from exotic palm trees. Rather they come from scientific laboratories.

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The majority of the ingredients used in producing the synthetic wax are of no doubt artificial and they act as a paint sealant more compared to the natural waxes.

You are now wondering which among the two waxes is better.

However, any of them is okay. It’s now left for you to choose which you would rather go for.

But one thing you should know is when going for a Carnauba wax you will have to put in more effort and the Synthetic Car wax lass more.

How to Remove Car Wax

For you stopping to read this article, we assume you have had wax on your car for some time now. Good, you are on the right platform.

However, before you proceed take note that stripping wax that is still less than 3 months, you might likely be needing a buffer. And that will require a different step completely.

But if you are looking at how to remove car wax from your vehicle and putting on a new coat after several months, some products will work for that.

Try using a clay bar and a degreasing soap. These two will work perfectly fine if you are looking at how to remove car wax.

The clay bar helps in removing all kinds of blemishes on a vehicle.

Whereas, degreasing soap is designed specially to wash away old wax on the car.

I believe you now understand the basics of car wax and how to remove car wax. Now read below to see how to remove car wax:

Get the appropriate supplies

While you are looking at how to remove car wax, the very first thing to do is to make sure you have the appropriate supplies.

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This will go a long way in giving your car that finishing that you want.

For washing, you will be needing a microfiber wash mitt, some buckets, and yes, a clay bar. You might also want to include a bottle of lubricant to use with the clay bar.

Pre-washing your vehicle

This is a very important step to consider when looking at how to remove car wax. It is pretty wise you give your vehicle a thorough car wash using car shampoo.

All you just have to do is to make sure your vehicle is wet, then apply a reasonable amount of the shampoo.

Now that you have coated your vehicle, allow it to sit for some minutes.

If you leave it for too long, it will dry off and you will be forced to apply another.

So it’s best you allow it to sit on your vehicle for some minutes, then you spray them off with fresh water.

Make use of the wax-stripping shampoo

To be able to use stripping shampoo effectively, you will be needing two buckets. One bucket will contain the stripping shampoo and the other, water.

Apple the shampoo and each section of the car, wash thoroughly and rinse off.

Also, dunk your wash mitt in the degreaser bucket and proceed to scrub your vehicle. When it is time to rinse off the mitt and apply some more soap.

Make sure to rinse off with clean water from the second bucket.

And do ensure that you rinse off the section with clean water before you move to the next section.

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Keep doing this until you are sure you have washed your whole vehicle with the degreaser.

Though, the stripping shampoo is really enough to get rid of old wax on your car.

However, if you have some areas that refused to remove then you can now use a clay bar to get rid of waxes in those areas.

Using a Clay Bar to remove wax

The clay bar works very well in removing some particles from your vehicle. Improper use of the clay bar could cause some scratches in your car paint.

So it’s best you use enough lubricant and then use the clay bar slowly. And please if in the process of using the clay bar on your car it falls mistakenly, please get a new one!

Throw away the one that fell on the ground.

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