How to Remove Car Dents. Even if you take care of your car so much or vprotect it, there is a possiblity that there are still som dents on your car.

And if not properly fixed, they can affect the resale value of your car if you are planning on reselling it or even for personal use.

How to Remove Car Dents

That is the more reason you need to watch out for yourv car often to see if you have any dents on it.

Well, if you are looking for hjow to remove car dents,m the guide below will put you through on how to remove car dents.

How to Remove Car Dents

The method below will help you if you are looking at how to remove car dents:


Most popular metjod of removing car dents is by pulling out the dents on the car. Simply put it as a traditional method of removing dents from your car.

There are basically two types of plunger. The cup plunger and the flange plunger.

The cup plunger are bowl shaoped and used mainly for unclogging sinks. While the Flange plungers have some extra flasnge and are mainly used for unclogging toilets.

However the cup plunger will help you in getti ng a better bite on the dxent. So you shoyuld go for that.

All you need to do is to pour some water over your dented area on the car and also on your plunger, then you put the cup over the dent.

Next is to push and pull on the plunger like you want to unclog a sink drain.

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Compressed Air

Another method on how to remove car dents is by using a hair dryer and compressed air.

All you need to do is to heat the car dent using the hair dryer (highest temperature), this will expand the plastic of the car.

Once it is hot, take the can of compressed air, place it upside down and start spraying the same area.

The cold air will make the plastic contract, and the dent will pop out.

Boiling water

Boiling water is another method if you are looking for how to remove car dents as this will loosen the plastic.

All you have to do is to boil some water. Once the water is hot enough, pour the boiled water on the damage area of your veghivcle.

The heat of the water will help soften the plastic material so that you can easily remove the dent from the back side.

Dry Ice

Dry Ice will also help if you are looking at how to remove car dents.

If the dents on your car are not too deep, then try making use of dry ice to fix it. The deep cooling from the dry ice can make the plastic around the dent to contract and pop out the dent.

While using this method, do ensure that you have got a good pair of protective gloves. All you just need to do is to rub the ice over the area of the dent and allow the dent poip bak into place.

If it isnt working, you can then use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the area.

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Another method to consider if you are looking at how to remove car dents is to use a vacuum cleaner to pop out the dent on your car.

However you might be needing some duct tape and a plastic bucket.

All you need to do is to drill a nickel-sized hole under the plastic bucket. Then the next thing to do is to put the mouth of the bucket on your car over the dent though.

Then take your duct tape and tape the edges of the bucket over the affected area on your car.

Finally, put your shop vac hose over the hole you drilled in the bucket and turn it over.

If you have got enough strenght, the vac should create enough suction to pop out the dent on your car.

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