Black Plastic Trim. If really you want your car to last long, then maintenance is the key.

Even if you have got the most expensive car or a low-priced car, if you fail to maintain it, you might end up ruining the car.

Black Plastic Trim

Apart from washing your car and cleaning it, knowing how to permanently restore black plastic trim can really go a very long way in taking care of the exterior of your vehicle.

So, here in this article is a detailed guide on how to permanently restore black plastic trim.

But before then, what exactly is the exterior car trim?

Exterior Car Trim

Well, the exterior cart trim simply refers to every plastic part of your car’s exterior. And all the parts are being made out of black plastic. They include:

  • Window and door seals.
  • Headlights
  • Wheel wells
  • Lower door trim panel.
  • Bumpers

You can see how the above mentioned are very important. So it is very important you take care of them. Nevertheless, this guide will show you how to permanently restore black plastic trim.

Though, some parts of the trim have some of their parts made out of rubber and vinyl that are included for both aesthetic reasons and functional purposes.

How to Permanently Restore Black Plastic Trim

The guide below will teach you how to permanently restore black plastic trim:

Restoring Your Car’s Black Plastic Trim

If you are looking at restoring your car’s black plastic trim, the first you should do is to restore the black parts.

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Yes! There are so many restorative products on the market, so it is now left for you to choose which is best. You can ask a car expert for the best.

Some of the restorative products include Black Awesome, Black Wow, and Trinova. You can equally get them on Amazon.

Work in the restorative products with some effort and try removing the faded outer layer of the black plastic trim of your car.

Conditioning Rubber Seals

The next step is to condition rubber seals. Take note that the black tint is a cosmetic issue.

However, the other black part that the sun destroys is the rubber seal of your car. And it is found around windows and doors.

And when they get stiff or shrink, they begin to lose the ability to seal against wind and water. This will then result in whistles and leaks.

So once you notice that, you should get a good car conditioning product to condition the black plastic parts.

Protecting All Work Done

The next thing is to protect your work as all the efforts put in restoring black plastic trim cannot be a waste.

To make it last, you will be needing a UV blocker, the one that is very easy to apply regularly.

The UV blocking spray is just an easy wipe on/wipe off process. And it will extend the time before you will have to restore it again.

Try dealing with leather and vinyl

Try dealing with leather and vinyl. In case you do not know, most leather interiors are only leather on the seating surfaces. While the shoulders and the seatback get affected.

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And you must pay great attention to those areas before they crack or become stiff.

Products like Marine Vinyl Cleaner and Island Girl’s Neutral Clear can also help. Especially Island Girl’s Neutral Clear which helps in clearing up UV yellowing.

Though you might not love the results you will surely spot the difference.

Black Plastic Trim Maintenance Tips

Even after you have restored black plastic trim, it is very possible that the car goes back to its former state. So applying protection can really go a long way in slowing down the fading process.

Make use of trim protectants to prolong the durability of the trim restorer. And to also provide some additional protection against UV rays.

Apply trim protectants like Meiguiar’s G14716 Ultimate Protectant regularly to all trim parts. Doing this will help in maintaining the shine.

And also help in preventing road contaminants from destroying the segments of the trim that are already exposed to them.

The products are really easy to use. All you just need to do is to add them to fiber cloth. And then polish the trim part that you want to protect.

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  1. Thanks a lot. Black trims on vehicles give it a sleek and modern character that’s appealing and beautiful to look at. Unfortunately, all trim colors can fade over time, so your article make sure me know how to permanently restore black plastic trim on cars.

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