How to Make Your Car Faster. You must have sat down one day and say to yourself “How can I make my car faster”? Yes, no doubt!

This is what so many car owners think of especially when their Car becomes too slow and they just get frustrated and tired of the car.

How to Make Your Car Faster

Well, it is nothing to worry about. Just some little maintenance and changes could work and make your car faster.

If you have ever had the thought of “How to Make Your Car Faster” and really want to make your car go faster, then this article is for you.

How to Make Your Car Go Faster

Read carefully to see how you can make your car go faster. While looking, wondering, or searching for how to make your car go faster, the very first thing you should consider is:

Regular Maintainance

The way you maintain your vehicle actually determines how fast the car can go. You do not expect your crooked vehicle or badly maintained car to run as fast as a properly maintained car. Of course not.

That is the more reason you should maintain and care for your car.

Properly cleaning and washing your vehicle as well as the tires will also go a long way in maintaining your car and keeping your car in very good condition.

Change Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs as small as they are, perform a very great job in a vehicle and they are very important to your vehicle.

And just like any other thing, they tend to reduce in quality and how good they can perform too, which is the effectiveness.

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So, you looking at making your vehicle move very fast, have you considered changing your spark plugs?

If no, then you really need to check your spark plugs. If they are no longer good enough, then you can now change them.

Change/upgrade your tires

So many people haven’t realized how changing and upgrading their tires can actually make their car go fast.

You should know that the tires are the wheel to your cars. And without the tires, your motor can not run or operate.

So to make your motor move fast, then you really should check, change and upgrade the tires of your motor.

Reduce the weight of your vehicle.

I have seen so many videos and pictures of vehicles carrying too much load to the extent that the weight makes the car go down. My question is how do you expect the vehicle to go fast?!

Try to reduce the weight of your car. By doing this, it can also contribute to making your motor fast.

Take in cold air

Note that Air is a very important component of engine combustion. So that is the more reason you need a cold air intake to increase speed effectively.

Improve your driving skill

While talking about how you can make your motor fast, have you ever thought of your driving skills?

Try to improve your driving skills and see how fast you can go and how fast your car can go as well.

Exhaust Upgrades

Do you know that upgrading your exhaust system can actually increase the speed of your vehicle?

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The more you can efficiently get rid of your exhaust system, that is how fast your vehicle will be. And that means installing a real “dual exhaust” system.

Performance Chips

A performance chip is really important if you are looking at increasing the speed of your vehicle with a minimal amount of wrenching.

Yes, there is no doubt that most modern vehicles come together with chips. And these chips are specially designed to control the performance of a car.

Not only that, but they also regulate the ratio of air and fuel in your intake. And also how your brakes and the rest system function.

Moreover, you can actually buy aftermarket performance chips. The aim is to alter those ratios and functions.

Installing Turbocharges

If you are looking at how you can effectively increase airflow to your engine, then you should consider installing a turbocharger.

The turbos actually make use of the engine’s exhaust to spin a turbine.

And the turbine then compresses clean air and introduces it again to the cylinder of the engine.

And the increase in clean air simply means more speed.


Just like turbocharges, the supercharges draw in compressed air into your engine. The aim is to increase power.

However, unlike turbochargers, superchargers actually do no make use of the engine exhaust to power it.

Rather, it is mechanically turned by a pulley attached to the front.

In all, Superchargers produce more power than a turbocharger, however, they require more work also.

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