If you are having feelings that your car has reduced in speed or you have been encountering little changes in how your accelerator works. it’s probably the right time for you to check on your axles.

Car Axles

Having damaged CV axles on your vehicle is one thing you would not like to tolerate even if it could be managed, your vehicle might break down and refuse to move an inch if your axles go bad.

CV Axles are components of movement or the drive train of a vehicle. Axles make use of the power transferred from the vehicle’s transmission to the wheel, this energy makes the axle move at the same time controlling the wheel to move in accordance thereby making the vehicle move as well.

Axles have greased joints that provide flexibility that makes them move around in a rotating direction. Vehicles that have wheels may have their axles fixed to the wheels making the wheel and axle move at the same time and some have their axles fixed to the vehicle making the wheel roll around the axles.

Axles are power lines to the movement of a vehicle which makes them exposed to so much stress, as time goes by these axles wear off and need repairs or changes to make them work effectively.

Before an axle wears off completely or gets damaged, it gives signs to the driver, these signs indicate how bad your axles are becoming.

Signs that show your Car Axles is bad

Greasy tire edge

When grease leaks from under the car or inside the edge of the tire it’s probably a leakage from the axle boot, although a leaking axle boot doesn’t mean your axle has gone bad as time goes by when the grease leaks out completely it could result to damage. Debris can go into the joints of axles through broken axle cover causing failure to the axle joint. It is better to take quick action when you find out your axles are going bad.

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Loud sound from beneath the car

If your car strives to get power during movement or when you are about to drive, you put your car in gear and you hear a loud unusual sound, in most cases, it’s said that your axles are worn. In these case, it means your axles finds it hard to make use of power transmitted from the transmission system to wheel because the axle joint is worn.

When the transmission system fails, it can cause also, clanking and clunking noises. When turning your vehicle, a clunking sound could be heard due to loose in the axle joint.

Heavy vibration when driving

If a CV joint or an axle shaft get damaged and make the axle lose balance while rotating this warrants the shaft to vibrate when driving the vehicle, the vibration tends to increase the more the vehicle speeds but if the vehicle moves slowly and still vibrates its a clear indication that the axle has gone bad and could cause unbalanced driving experience. At this point, it advised that you take your vehicle to a professional for proper checks and repairs.

When vehicle halts

You start your car and put it in gear, the engine sounds well. The battery is OK but the car doesn’t move an inch when you step on the acceleration pedal. It’s most likely the universal joints in the axle are bad and no matter how many times you press on the acceleration pedal the vehicle engine only reverses but won’t move. This is probably the worst and highest point of damage to happen to a car axle. It requires immediate repair before the vehicle can move.

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Inspecting your drive axles regularly is very important during vehicle maintenance. Just as the engine, steering, and tires are important the same applies to the CV axles. They should be repaired or changed if there is any damage.

Axle repair varies in costs depending on its model, manufacturer, and labor price. It’s better to know how much it cost to replace your damaged axle. Below is the comparison of the axle repair cost.

Axle repair cost

Repair costs of axes anywhere range from $170-$900 depending on the kind of car. The labor cost of axles ranges from $100-$200. But few cars will cost more depending on the time taken for the mechanic to finish the repair.

Car Axles repair cost depending on car models

  • Nissan Altima: labor cost ranges from $140-$180, part cost $318-$742 and the total cost is $458-$922
  • Toyota corolla: labor, $150–$190, part, $328-$782 and total cost $477-$940
  • Toyota Camry: labor, $149–$189, part, $328-$782 and total cost $477-$940
  • Honda accord: labor, $168-$200, part, $343-$770 and total cost $508-$972
  • Honda civic: labor, $160-$200, part, $340-$770 and total cost $508-$970
  • Chevrolet Silverado, labor, $170-$206 part, $355-$788 and total cost $525-$994
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