Wipers could be life-saving during rainy weather or even in the winter. They could also be aids in a clearer vision knowing when to change them can also be helpful. Most people wait until their wipers are broken before buying new pairs. how often should you change your wiper blade?

 Change your Wiper


Manufacturers recommend that wipers should be changed after 6 months of usage. But, not all wipers last up to the given time depending on the durability and due to careless usage.

How to Know when to Change your Wiper

Wipers develop problems the more you drive your car and most of these issues are sometimes obvious. And easy to detect. There are various signs that tell you your wiper needs to be changed listed below.

Screechy sounds

Bad wipers could cause your windshield to make unpleasant screechy noise. When this happens it means that the frames of your wipers are bent or broken. At this point, it is a sign which means your wipers due are for repairs or changed to a new one.

When wiper loses contact with the windshield

Driving in the rain and you turn wipers on but it doesn’t wipe the water off the screen. Pullover and check the screen for any obstruction and test again. If wiper still doesn’t clear off the water it’s probably the blades or the complete wiper unit that needs to be changed.

Change During the winter season

When winter is fast approaching do well to change wipers. Most wipers were made with extra features for snow. These wipers are capable of wiping your windshield in cold weather and can withstand heavy snows other than regular wipers that may be damaged by snow.

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When rubber is worn

Wipers carry rubbers that help wipe off snow, rain and other things that could cause obstruction. Over time these rubber starts shredding and have cracks reducing the ability to wipe the windshield properly. Wipers should be replaced when this impact is noticeable. In addition, raise your wiper away from the windshield and bend the rubber softly back and forth to make sure it not separated from the frame. If they are separated change wipers as soon as possible because the more they split the chances of damages increases.

Windshield streak

It obvious when wiper causes streak on your windshield especially in the rain but if you consistently get notice streaks after cleaning it off. It’s a sign that your wipers are dirty or probably damaged. You can do well by cleaning them with a towel and if the streaking continues it calls for a change of wiper.

If Icy clumps attach the wiper

In addition to the seasonal changes. During winter the melting slush of ice slides down the windshield and clumps on the wipers these clumps are meant to fade off after some certain wipes if they don’t it means your wipers need to be set or replaced with new ones.

After metal corrosion

Although metal corrosion won’t come as easy as any other problem. A corroded wiper frame may break when driving in the rain or a heavy wind leaving your car without any wiper and putting your life at risk. Be sure to always check your wiper blade frame for the sign of corrosion to avoid been caught up in similar cases. You can buy Wiper from Amazon here https://amzn.to/2vIvZid

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