How to Increase Horsepower In A Car. Are you looking for effective ways on how to increase horsepower in a car? Then this article is for you.

How to Increase Horsepower

Here, we have listed out the methods to use if you are looking for how to increase horsepower in a car.

But before then, what is horsepower?

What is a Horsepower?

Simply put a horsepower is an imperial unit of power that is equal to 550 foot-pounds per second which are about 750 watts.

It is referred to as the power that an engine produces and it is being calculated through the power that is needed to move 33,000 pounds one foot in a minute.

Switch to a performance air filter

Getting more air and fuel in and out of your engine is very important if you are looking at improving horsepower in your car and its efficiency too.

Also, switching to a performance air filter enables more air to flow freely to your engine.

Reducing weight

In case you have forgotten, horsepower is how much weight one horse can pull in a particular time and distance.

So to make your car travel faster, you will have to remove some weight from your car to make it light and weight-free.

Well, we cant say that this adds horsepower to the vehicle. However, there is a guarantee that it makes it very easy for the engine to carry the weight of the car.

Intake of cold air

Cold air intake is also another method to consider if you are looking at how to increase horsepower in a car.

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When you try the cold air intake method, your car can receive a horsepower boost of 5-20 hp. However, if you need serious horsepower, then you should get a supercharger or a turbo.

Tune Your Engine Control Unit

Tuning your engine control unit is also another method to consider if you are looking for how to increase horsepower in a car. And in all, it is one of the cheapest and easiest ways.

A Bigger Engine

Most times, the engine in your car is not really powerful. That is the more reason you should check and see the size of your car engine. If it is a small one, then you should for getting a bigger one.

Installing a bigger engine that is really powerful than the last one there will definitely increase horsepower in a car.

Installing underdrive pulleys

underdrive pulleys for accessories can help in reducing parasitic drag on the engine and also help in freeing up some more horsepower.

Install bigger camshafts

Another method on how to increase horsepower in a car is by installing bigger camshafts or you go for a lifted cam setup.

Cat-back exhaust system

Sometimes, try to free up the airflow on the intake side. This will assist your engine to breathe better and also generate more power.

The same thing also applies to the exhaust side of the equation.

In this case, you will have to install a larger diameter exhaust system that begins at the catalytic converter and expands to the rear of the car. This will help in freeing up more power.

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