Car Scratches are the most common problem as any vehicle owner will tell you, and they can be quite provoking. This can happen from minor mishaps such as brushing against other cars, sliding against tree branches, and also glitches during parking.

car scratches

However, nobody likes mess-up spots that stand out in the midst of their glossy perfect paint job. If one takes out the time to survey the scratches on their cars, it becomes very easy to deal with the problem and causes. Above all, getting to the root cause of the problem is the first step to take.

Most Common Causes of Car Scratches

Almost every car has scratches, but so a lot of them sometimes seem to be a mystery. It is hard to identify out how your vehicle got scratched. Below are the most common causes of car scratches that happen almost every day.

Improper Washing and Drying
Improper washing and drying of your vehicle are some of the most common causes of car scratches. If you do not use proper technique while washing your vehicle, dirt can become trapped onto your sponge, scratching the paint. it is always best to use a synthetic microfiber towel, which is made to do such work without causing any damage.

Automatic Car Washes
This is another easiest way for your vehicle to become filled with scratches. Brushes used in automatic car washes accumulate dirt from every car that passes through, creating a material filled with dirt and grit. Also, touchless car washes can cause scratches with their high-pressure streams of water.

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Rocks and Road Debris
Scratches and chips on cars are mostly caused by rocks and road debris. However, rock chips happen when pebbles and stones are launched into the air by another vehicle, and then hitting your car and leaving damages. Hitting road debris, such as a stick in the road, loose tire tread can also cause scratches when they contact your vehicle.

Other Causes

Rubbing Against the Car
This is another common cause of car scratches, whereby rubbing against your car is the biggest cause of light clear coat scratches. They can happen in a lot of different ways, such as opening a door with keys in your hand, dragging the keys across the paint job accidentally. Or even placing a coffee cup on top of your vehicle.

Car Accidents
This is the most common cause of car scratches because you can’t really get into a vehicle accident without being left with many of them. These scratches are most intense in the area of impact and extend deep into the paint.

How Can You Prevent Car Scratches

Preventing car scratches is not as easy you think. Although there are so many ways to go about it, you can take steps to reduce the chances of getting them. The best way to stop having car scratches is to avoid the situations explained above.

Although it is not all scratches that can be prevented. As it is part of owning a car, you can be extra careful to prevent some of them.

Helpful tips

  • Do not use automatic car washes
  • Always learn the proper ways to wash and dry your vehicle.
  • Also, avoid gravel and dirt roads
  • Do not open your car door with keys or other items in your hand.
  • Be aware of areas that are mostly scratched in your car
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How Much Does it Cost to Repair Car Scratches

If your choose to engage in auto body repair, then make sure to do your research and bring your car to a reputable body shop. For just little scratches, the rough estimate if auto body shops should charge less than $100 on average. But for deep paint scratches, it can be expensive to repair for at least from $800 to $1500 on average.


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