To change car battery is one of the easiest DIY that anyone should know. Ladies, you do not always need the presence of a guy to put in the work to change car battery. This could happen at any time it can be more frustrating when you don has a jump start cable to quickly start up your car.

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In the absence of a jumpstart cable, the only other alternative involves removing your car battery and replacing it with another.

In this post, we will do the much we can to make the process as easy as changing the battery on your mobile phone.

How to Change Car Battery: What you need

Below are some of the tools you need to replace your car battery. Surely you can do it without having all. We will label the ones you can do without.

Tools Purpose Necessity
0-14mm socket and extension bar To unscrew the Battery terminal Necessary
Replacement battery Check your manual to know the right one Necessary
Latex gloves or old rubber gloves Protection from battery charge Optional

Step by Step Instructions: Change Car Battery

Below is a rundown of the steps you need.

  • Open the engine compartment of your car. (check the manual to see how to open it)
  • Locate the two wires screw to the battery terminals. The -ve (black wires) and +ve battery terminals (red wires).
  • Next, unscrew the nut on the positive terminal and pull the clamp away. Ensure it does not touch the negative terminal.
  • Secure the positive terminal so that it does not cause a short-circuit or electric shock.
  • Now unscrew the black -ve terminal. Just like the positive terminal.
  • Unlock or unscrew the restraining back that holds the battery in place. This could require a socket or spanner.
  • Take out the old battery from the battery position. Then place it down carefully on a dry surface.
  • Now its time to change the car battery. lift the new battery into the same where you removed the old battery. Note place the new battery in the same direction as the original battery that you took off (To make things easier).
  • Replace the battery restraint over the battery and screw it. If the battery is correctly placed as the old one, you will have no problem. If not check the terminals for the +ve sign and place the +ve terminal over the battery terminal with that sign.
  • Take up the negative terminal and replace it over the -ve terminal of the battery.
  • Now screw both terminals tightly.
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Go and try to start the ignition and switch on the radio and other battery-powered devices.

So next time you have an issue with your battery you can easily just change the battery yourself. Because you can totally do it yourself without a mechanic.

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