Certain times, when you are driving on the high you notice some odd noise coming out from your Car or your brakes continue squishing when you take turns. It’s not proper to ignore any sounds or noise that you hear from your car no matter how small it may be, it calls for attention and needs an immediate solution.


Car Noise

But if you are not sure if the noises from your vehicle are good or bad, you should do well to take it to a mechanic for a check.

There are some funny sounds that come out from your car and could mean bad or good, let’s take a look at these sounds and know what causes them.

Car noises and what they mean

Steering wheel squeaks

You are driving and you noticed squeaking sounds from your steering when you turn towards the right or left. This means that the steering power system is faulty. When you hear this sound it doesn’t really mean bad, it just tells you that the steering power fluid is low.

What to do: Check if there is any leakage coming out from the line of the power steering. If there is no leak it probably means your power steering fluid needs topping. Get some steering fluid and get it done.

Squeal of the brake

When you are driving and your step on the brake petals you hear squealing noises from the brake, this means the brake pad is rubbing against the rotor. Brakes have indicators that monitor how bad your brake pads are. When you hear these sound you have to take your car to a mechanic for repairs. It’s advised you change the brake pad on time before it gets worse.

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Banging sound 

A loud noise from your exhaust is one embarrassing sound, this sound is an indication of backfire. Backfire happens when fuel that did not burn comes out of the engine and pops out from the exhaust pipe. This might be a leak in the exhaust or a vacuum or probably damage in the catalytic inverter. When the noise is coming from the engine it could be damage to the exhaust system or fuel ignition caused by a bad plug or maybe the fuel filter is blocked.

Engine Car Noise when you start the car

When you start your car and you hear sounds like a grumpy cat. It is a sign that your battery juice has reduced and it’s striving to power the engine. Although this situation can be managed.  You never know when it will turn out to be worst and your car will refuse to start. An engine crank added to this noise means your battery’s life is depreciating and it needs a jump, take your car to a mechanic to do few checks on your battery.

Car Noise or Sound from the air condition

You turn your air conditioner on and you hear flapping sounds in your car. This means the ventilation flap is worn or not in proper alignment. You might not be able to do the repairs yourself so it’s better you call an air condition technician for some checks and repair.

Wobbling Car noise

On your way to work and you start hearing sounds coming from your wheel. Do not ignore these sounds because it might save a life. Pullover immediately and check your wheel, they may be some loosed nuts. If ignored it could result in an accident if the wheel blows out of the bot. If the nuts are loosed, tighten them with the lug wrench.

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Grinding from gearbox

This problem happens on most manual cars, sounds from gearbox might be that the clutch or it bearing. If grinding appears to be from the under of the vehicle it could be a problem from the CV joint, universal wheel bearing or probably a low oil level.

Car noises vary and really mean a lot. Some might be friendly and some might require costly repair. No matter how small these noises might be its better you address them on time to avoid more costly charges on repairs.

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