Car Polishes: Polishing your car is more than just making it looks good and new. However, it is a good way to extend the life of the paintwork, improve the finish and also fight off dirt and debris. It gives your car a mirror-like showroom finish.

 Car Polishes

Everyone wants to drive a very clean and shiny car because nobody likes dirty or even rough cars. Car Polish takes out a little pain layer or existing wax from the car’s surface.

So is if your car paint is looking somehow faded and rough, then it is high time to polish your car and give it a new look.

Meanwhile, there are more than a hundred polish brands working in the market but how can you trust any specific polish brand.

The safety and protection of car paint should be the topmost preference of every car owner. It is very important to select any high-quality auto polish for your car because quality matters most. Here we have gathered the list of the best car polish products so you can select one for your car.

Benefits of Car Polishes

Polishing a car is beneficial for a car when it comes to protecting car paint and restoring its looks. Below are some major advantages and benefits of car polishing

  • Fix Paint Imperfections: Sometimes, your vehicle’s finish might develop some defects that can be worked out with a high-quality car polish. It’s formulated to smooth out the surface area and make the paint looks more attractive.
  • Remove scratches: Car polish is a great way of getting rid of tiny, shallow scratches. So far they are not too huge, the polish can fill in these spots, so the paint looks a lot nicer.
  • Extend the lifespan of the paint: Polishes get rid of the dirt that is quite difficult to remove when you simply wash your vehicle. It extends its life. A good polish also helps to get rid of oxidized paint and conditions it, which makes it more crack and peel-resistant.
  • Hide spots: Over time, cars have stubborn spots in the paint job that just doesn’t look like it will go away. Even if a polish will not remove these spots, polishing will make them difficult to see.

Other Benefits of Car Polish

  • Make the finish glossy and smooth: The filling, buffing, and smoothing properties of car polish can even help the paint job on your car. The polishing process also leaves an extra shine and gloss.
  • Reduce your car wash frequency: If your polish and wax your gar daily, you can reduce the number of time you wash your car because less dirt adhered to the car. Most dirt or debris should be removable with a fast wipe down.
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Boost the resale value: Cars with worn-out paint simply do not command as much money as those that appear to be better maintained. The car as a whole is probably in a good shape and more attractive to a potential buyer if the paint looks very good.

Best Car Polishes to Buy for your Vehicle

Who does not love the look of a car when it is shinning, freshly cleaned, and yes of course looking as good as new. But keeping your car seems like it just rolled off the dealership lot is not easy. There are so many types of car polish to choose from here, You can also discover some of the top best polishes available just right here.

  • Maguire’s Ultimate Polish
    This is a very great all-in-one polish for enthusiasts searching for a safe and fast way to make their car looking really amazing. It is one of the well-known brands for car cleaning and exterior detailing. However, if you are new to the car care game, then you can make use of this without being too worried about making a mistake.
  • Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish
    This is also considered to be among the best car polish you will ever know about because it is popular and well know for car polishes. It is more of a general tonic for your vehicle exterior than a real polish. Nu Finish does not need any rubbing or buffing. All you need is to apply using very light pressure with a clean. damp cloth or buffer.
  • HD High Definition Speed All-in-one Polish
    Also, another great combo that is perfect for the average person’s needs. This is made of all-natural contents that are well safe to use on all colors and surfaces. It is hard to find a product this effective that does not contain some kind of harsh or toxic chemicals. This product is designed to be applied and taken off as quickly and easily as possible.

Some Other Type of Car Polish to Buy

  • Griots’ Garage Complete Polish
    If you are searching for a very simple but effective polish without the need to get any fancy polishing equipment, Griot’s Garage Complete is the best option for you because it car polish uses advanced sub-micron abrasives to get rid of light imperfection in your car finish.
  • Turtle Wax Color Magic Jet Black
    This is another car polish to consider for anyone who drives a car with a black finish should have a bottle of this in their garage. This type of car polish was made to enhance different types of black automotive finishes. Even if they are faded, abandoned, or just plain old while filling in scratches. and some other defects. Also, a great car polish to get rid of mild swirl marks as well.
  • Turtle Wax Premium Grade Clean
    This is one of the popular and reputed car polishes in the market. It is the most reliable car exterior polish you need to apply for getting rid of kind of scratches if your vehicle paint gets rough and faded. This car polish can only get rid of minor scratches, and any other defects. You can go ahead and use it on all paint surfaces regardless of color.
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Other Types of Car Polish to Consider

  • The Last Coat Premium Car Polish
  • Maguire’s PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish
  • CarGuys Premium Hybrid Wax
  • Chemical Guys Optical Grade Cutting Polish

Things to Consider When Buying a Car Polish

Polishing your vehicle is not an easy job to do. Things might get messy when applying a paste polish on the car. Now here it is advisable to know about things that play their responsibility when it comes to polishing a car.

  • Polish Formulation
  • Car Polish Type
  • Polish Abrasiveness

How to Polish a Car

So many people are still not clear about how to use car polish. Because they take car wax and polish as the same thing which is not. All you need to do is follow just the steps before in order to polish your vehicle to make it ready for waxing at the end. Below are the steps to follow

  • First of all, collect all the required items you will need to prepare for car wash and polish. You should have a car polish, wash sponge, microfiber towel, car soap, water, bucket, and also polish foam.
  • Now wash your car with any car wash or car shampoo. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t washed your car two days ago or a week ago. You will need to wash your vehicle clean before polishing.
  • You can now start applying polish to your vehicle by using any type of foam pad on your car. Keep applying polish with constant pressure and you will see the warmth on that exact surface. By doing this, it will start getting rid of all mild scratches and swirls of your paint surface.
  • Then finish polishing and wash your car again. Washing your car again will get rid of all polish off and make it ready for you to apply wax if needed.
  • All imperfections and minor scratches were removed by using auto polish, it is now time to apply wax. However, waxing a car will give it gloss protection and also long lasting shine to revive that original paint shines regardless of paint color.
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Types of Car Polishes

There are 3 major types you can have in polish for vehicles. Each type of polish has one major job which is to restore the paint look by getting rid of different kinds of scratches and imperfections from the vehicles’ paint. Here are all the car polished types

Paste Polish is an effective auto finishing that restores your vehicle paint look without leaving one defect or even a scratch. You will need to apply carefully without putting too much amount. This is because any mistake in applying a car paste polish might damage the paint

Spray Car Polishes
Spray Polish is not that effective automobile polish like paste and liquid polish. It can be applied on an exact polish coating just for the quick finishing touch.

Hybrid Polish
This is a car polish that includes a carnauba wax solution for giving extra protection to the car. People who want extraordinary car protection more than a polish. For example, CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant is the best example of hybrid polish.

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