Have you come across the word wheel balancing? or have you ask yourself what wheel balancing means. While you get to read further we will tell you more about wheel balancing and all you need to know about balancing wheels. Firstly you have to understand what wheel balancing means.

Wheel Balancing

What is Wheel Balancing?

Wheel balancing can be said to be a process whereby wheels are been aligned in the same parallel position with an equal amount of weight to enable them to speed smoothly at the same time and pace. Balancing requires putting the wheel on the center of a Balancer that will spin the tire to determine where the weight falls.

Usually, tires and wheels don’t have the same weights, the weight of wheels may vary due to little subtraction from the stem of the wheel valve just as tires will also have the same differences.

A wheel has to be balanced when it is been fixed to a vehicle with a tire because an equal amount of weight has to be distributed to every part of the wheels if It’s not done it will cause momentum that will result in vehicle vibration.

This process has to be done to differentiate heavy and light spots in the vehicle. if the wheels are not evenly balanced there could cause your car to vibrate. Here are ways to know when your car needs balancing.

Signs that tell your Wheels Need Proper Alignment/Balancing.

Buzzing noises

When tires are not well balanced or loosen, Humming and buzzing noise will be heard when driving. These noises are caused by worn out wheels that cause vibration to the vehicle.

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 The vibration of the vehicle.

Vibrations will often occur if one or all the wheels are unbalanced the impact is mostly felt on the steering when your car is running at a speed of 80-100 km/h. This vibration can also be felt on the seat and the car floor when the vehicle s at high speed.

Worn out tires

When tires are properly balanced they are supposed to wear off across the threads, these Tires are said to worn out easily at the edge due to unbalanced wheel.

Wheel Balancing Cost

Every car requires balancing after the wheels are been changed to a new one. it doesn’t cost much to balance your wheel, their price varies depending on the amount of labor service or where it’s been done.

Wheel balancing cost $10-$12 for just one wheel and for all four wheels it ranges from $24-$80. Depending on the labor rate. Making a complete balancing of all four wheels including fixing the four tires. Also changing wheels individually, directly from where they are been found in the vehicle.

At times wheel balancing costs more due to where its done, car dealers collect the higher cost of money unlike a tire store or mechanic store which collects $30-$80 approximately for a complete balancing and $14 for a single wheel balance.

Total balancing requires rotation and mounting. The rotation requires changing the locations of tires differently while the mounting only requires the tires been placed on the wheel.

When mounting and rotation is been done it ensures that all tires wear off uniformly. Doing all these requires $3-$12 for single wheel while the four wheels cost $40 for balancing, $12 for rotation.$20 for mounting alternatively but an approximate charge of $48 for complete tire installation. Which includes rotating, balancing and mounting.

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A wheel alignment can also be made and it cost $20-$100 for the complete wheel at a repair shop. And $75-$200 at a dealer shop. The alignment helps wheels move at a straight line even when the steering is not held.

Wheel Balancing Near Me

Wheel balancers could be found anywhere in the neighborhood. It can rather be done at home only if you have the right tools and equipment. But it’s advised to be taken to a professional to do the job for you.

Balancing doesn’t cost much. The only thing that drains expenses is wheel alignment. To discover a wheel balancer near You. One can check online for wheel balancing technicians or automobile magazines by using the Map or Browser.

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