Used car parts are the only guaranteed of getting your car running in the design standards. As there are lots of fakes out there in the automobile market. And there are the dealers bent on making sales than offering an original part. The questions are how do you know if the better days of the used parts are not gone, or you are not buying a fake.


Used Car Parts

Tips To Buy Used Car Parts

Buying used parts can be really tricky because you might end up just buying an inferior again as the used or better an even worn out part.

Find A Trustworthy Seller

The car dealer is some convincing, trick and most of them are totally dishonest in their dealings. That’s why for a start you should get a trustworthy part seller. Personally I prefer someone that you have a personal relationship with such as brother, inlaw or something. That way you will be able to get business and relationship balance.

Because in the end if a used car part dealer wants to deal sell you the fake most would not know. Because there are many variations of fake for just one part.

Be Certain Of The Part

Before we succeed in buying the fake or inferior parts, there is a certain variation between the used part and the inferior one. We just didn’t see it and buy anyway.

Carry out a better study of the used car part that you are buying including the color and material.

Ask About The History of The Used Car Parts

Some used car parts dealers will tell you the truth while others will cook up satisfying stories. Just to talk you into buying but asking for this makes you know the source of the used part and how long it has been in use before buying it.

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Some cars will have undergone terrible accidents close to the part you are buying. But the dealers will patch it up to an appreciable extent and put it in for sale.

Ask About Store’s Policies on Returns

Used car part dealer will always look to conceal their return policies until you ask.  If they do not have one, it goes far in telling how much they do not trust the part.

Request that the policy should be written in fine, clear prints that is understandable. Read the policy before closing any deal. Pay attention to the refunds or returns within 30 days.

Know Some Parts Are Better As New

There two basic reasons why people buy used car parts. They include budget constraints and fear of buying inferior or fakes. This is understandable but there are situations where there is absolutely no need to go in search of a part.

Auto parts such as brake rotors, brake pads, and spark plugs that require periodic change should be bought as brand new. While parts that responsible for overall engine performance can be bought as used

Ask about Warranties for the Used Car Parts

Aside from asking for return polices,  also ask for a warranty. The warranty statement should be well understood before you proceed to buy the part.

Ask the car part dealer to provide you with a signed agreement to seal the warranty offer. So that you have something hold on to. Typically it should contain how long the used car part should last before any damage comes to it.

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Always Go With An Expert of Used Car Parts

There are many reasons why go along with an expert. Preferably your mechanic who has the job of installing a lot of these parts on a daily basis. You can leverage his or her experience for advice, and making the right decision on the used car parts.

This is a good tip because you might not be able to spot the fakes from the real ones even with enough time to study both parts. However, in the absence of a mechanic or car expert, you might decide on taking a short lecture on how to spot the fake one. You can definitely find materials on the internet or from an expert. You can go with the old part that needs a replacement for the used car parts shop so that you will have an on-hand comparison.

Match the Color and Style to the Original

As someone with less mechanical experience, you can rely on matching the color and tiny details in the styles with the original.

If you are buying a metal part look at the color of the metals if they are identical to one another. Also, consider the detailing in the curves and structuring of the part on the engine.


Trust me it pays to be smart when buying used car parts in the market. You never know until a part keeps you going back and forth between the repair shop and the car dealers. Take heed to these tips they might come in handy.

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