You must have heard that used automobile parts can be a good buy and in like manner you must know they can backfire. If the deal goes really bad you might regret it. But we are more concern with is that there are used automobile parts that you might get a bad deal for 8 out of 10 times at the least.

Used Automobile Parts


Best Used Automobile Parts To Buy

Mostly I advise car owners to only buy long term automobile parts as used. Below are some of the parts I will encourage you to buy as used.


Rims are arguably one of the most durable parts of an automobile. Everyone can still find the rims of their grand father’s car intact even after the car is gone. Some incredible strength from a piece of equipment that carries a car 24/7.

However, lots of materials are put into wheels to make it as strong as it is. This longevity of rims is a reason why you should go for used automobile rims parts and aside from that, you will certainly find a lot of cool ones out there. Some you might just have to spray again or remove rust but they are some durable stuff as used.

Ensure that the rims are not bend

Spare Tires

Spare tires are tires that I call “get me home and go back to being second”. Second or Spare tires are some automobile parts treated unfairly because they spend time in the cargo space than working. So getting this part as a used automobile part wouldn’t hurt any way as they are rarely called upon.

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Ensure to do a proper check and Let your mechanic confirm it is ok


Mirrors are one of the most damage automobile parts. In crowded cities, they go broken every day. It is surprising how cars can shake hands using the mirrors sometimes.

Replacing broken mirrors can come at an expensive cost at times averagely you could spend up to $150 and way higher depending on the model of the car.

Ensure the color matches your car paint

Car Locks

Car locks are some parts that wear out when in use. Used automobile parts in power locks can still be useful even after the car is completely damaged.

However, you can get get the power lock for a  fraction of the cost of new.

Ensure you test the door lock and the new keys.


The alternator is some hard parts that you can buy as used automobile parts. They are wire windings as such they can be really durable even after the damage of a car. Because they are expensive, you can get cheap used automobile parts.

Ensure that you get a warranty for the parts and go with a mechanic.

Interior Parts

Used automobile parts are some parts that you can as used. You can get interior parts such as car seats, floor mats, steering wheel, or interior trim pieces. Interior car parts can still be useful even after the car is bad or in a crash.

It is best to bet to get interior parts that are just similar to yours.

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Check if they are not broken. 

These are the top used automobile parts that you can get as used and still be ok with them.

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