There is nothing like having a knowledge of what traffic is in town before going out. Predict traffic in Google Map allows users to plan their movement and know the best routes to avoid traffic. Google Maps is great feature that can allow you to avoid traffic easily. It google service is available on app and desktop platforms.


Traffic in Google Map

How To Check Traffic in Google Map

Google map has undergone and now you can check the traffic in front of you.  It will indicate the blockage on the with various colors with the worst traffic indicated with a red color.

As stated earlier the google map is available on desktop and mobile phones. We will be looking at checking traffic in google map on both devices.

The feature allows you to effectively plan your trip. Google map can be used to forecast what the traffic will be like at a specific time.

  • Visit Google Maps. Use a favored web browser on your computer.
  • Find a specific location. On the upper left corner, enter the desired location and destination. Then hit the enter key on your keyboard.
  • Check the traffic. Check above the search box and tap on Traffic. On the map, you will notice four colors: green, yellow, orange, and red. The green indicates free road, orange moderate traffic, and the read-heavy traffic congestion

Method Two: Mobile Application

  • Launch Google Maps. Open your app drawer and launch the google map apply. You can it from the respective app store of your smartphone device. Google Play (for Android) or from the iTunes App Store (for iOS).
  • Log into your account if prompted to log in.
  • Enter your destination. Now enter your destination address in the search bar at the top of the app screen. This will prompt the app to plot the route from your present location to a destination on the app.
  • Check the traffic. Tap the menu button on the Google Map app. Tap on “Traffic” on the menu panel, and colors will appear on the map: green, yellow, orange, and red. Roads with green lines indicate no traffic while red ones indicate heavy traffic.
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How Google Traffic Recognizes Congested Roadways

Every smartphone is capable of determining its location using the GPS chips. This signal is triangulated with a cell tower. Data from various phones are transmitted to Google and these tons of data are analyzed and used to predict the general traffic situation in real-time.

These data are continuously gathered and transmitted. So when a user searches for traffic in google map, google picks out the traffic report from several mobiles along the route and plots it on the map.

Aside from using the information from cell phone and triangulation technology, Google bought Waze in 2013.

Waze is a crowd information-sourcing app where users can report traffic situations such as accidents and road construction. So with this source google can provide accurate traffic in google map.

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