Windshield crack spread from a single spot when it starts. Form that spot it could extend and fill up the whole screen if necessary measures are not taken. This could greatly impair your vision and stop you from seeing. The crack might get worst as heat and water gets into the crack thus making it spread wider across the screen. Aside from personal safety, the cops will stop you from having crack windshield as such you will most likely be pushed to changing it.


Windshield Crack

When you have a windshield crack it is important to first assess it to determine if a DIY will save you some cost for the main time keep it from spreading.

Fix Windshield Crack From Spreading

Before replacing your cracked windshield, there is a temporary fix that you can use to stop it from spreading too far. You can do it yourself.

  • Superglue or nail polish:
    • Firstly wipe the creak area with a dry cloth
    • Then apply nail polish along the line of the crack to curb it from spreading.
  • Protect the glass:
    • Park in the shade when it’s hot, like in a covered area such as a garage or carport whenever possible to protect your windshield from water and direct sunlight.
  • Try a windshield repair kit:
    • Another good solution is using a windshield kit. Typically, it contains a resin and an adaptor. If the windshield crack is not that big the resin can cause the cracks to seal up and seal out water from getting in between.
  • Hold Glass in Place with Super Glue:
    • Using glue is a very imaginable compare to the nail polish fix. Again if the crack is still small you can apply a  cyanoacrylate glue or Super Glue. You can apply to stop the windshield crack from spreading.
  • Park in the Shade:
    • This should be an approach before eventually fixing the crack. The temperature increase is the main reason for the spread of cracks. As such parking the car always under shade will help you preserve your windshield and save the crack from spreading.
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After applying one of the above methods to preserve windshield crack, it is important to speak with a windshield repair expert. The knowledge of the experts can help you repair the windshield temporarily or replace it.

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