Did your car stuck in the snow, you shouldn’t panic. If there is no shovel with you it’s going to take time, but be patient and creative and you will be back on the road. Fortunately, we have a few tricks you can use to free your car sooner than expected. Even if you do not drive one of the cars specially made for winter.

car stuck in Snow

10 Things you Should do when your car stuck in Snow

Follow the tips below to free your car stuck in the snow.

When your car stuck in Snow Do not Panic

When driver bad winter weather hits, sometimes we tend to lose it and start to panic. However, we advise being calm! It’s important and necessary to remain calm when you get stuck in the snow. So you can check the situation and improvise to get out of the situation.

Clear the pipes

Even before you on the car’s engine, you check the tailpipe so to be sure its not blocked by the snow and its clear. It’s not a good thing to get deadly exhaust gasses to get into the car. When you sure the car’s tailpipe is clear, you can start to keep it warm and to melt some snow.

Clear the snow.

Now you try to dig out and clear the snow and ice away from your tires. You clear it few feet both in front and behind the car tires so you can move forward and backward. Meanwhile, try to dig out any snow under the car front, middle and even back that seems to be higher than the normal ground level.

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Preferably a snow shovel makes this job easier. Get one in your car if you try to drive in snow weather.

Preserve your Gas

You should try to always have at least half a tank of gas in your car during winter. If you ever get suck you will be happy doing that.

Do not waste your fuel when you get stuck by keeping your car running. Run your engine at irregular intervals, not continuously so to preserve gas. It’s better to conserve your fuel enough to drive you home after getting unstuck. For you do not know how long you will be there trying to unstick the car.

Do not spin your tires

While trying to free yourself from slow and you keep spinning you’re tired it’s only getting worst. That can even dig your car deeper in the snow and can also cause damage to your tires.

Do not apply much power

To power your car out of that snowy ditch, trying to power your way out might seem like a good idea. But adding much power will make things worse. Instead, apply small and gentle power to the wheels. You won’t break to lose by building up enough momentum, so not to stress your car tires use the throttle sparingly.

Use traction

Create traction in your tires by pouring in front of your tires rocks, sand, pebbles, salt, or kitty litter. To melt the ice around your tire, the salt will do a fine job. While to create traction on your wheels sands, rocks and kitty litter will help.

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Let some air out of your tires

If getting traction is impossible, you can actually let some air out of your tires. Deflate your tires a little and you get little space to work with, the softer tires should grip the ground more firmly. Do not forget to inflate your tires back once your free. Driving with deflated tires is more dangerous.

Get Help from other people

A push from other good people can also help. Be very sure you keep pushers out of danger by using the right (If your car is been pushed forward gear only). As you easily add your gas, ask your helper to push at the count of three.

Try the Rocking Technique.

Trying the rocking method can be useful aside shoveling yourself out. You can do that by using the engine to rotate the car forward and backward by putting it in reverse. At this time, you can then shift to drive so to rotate forward again. After some attempts, enough momentum should have been created to help you get out of the snow. Once you begin rolling away and feel unstuck, you can then power your way out to the normal ground.

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