Run Flat Tires:  As the name implies, run-flat tires are tires that be used even if it has been punctured. These tires can be run for just a specific distance even while flat. But have you ever or thought about how it works?

run flat tires

We all have been by the side of the road, vehicle and semis whizzing past our heads as we all pray that the spare we have abandoned in the back of our trunk is still inflated. After we find that we have used it ages ago on another side of the vehicle, we become stranded and left without an extra spare or can of Fix-a Falt, But the solution to this type is run-flat aim to fix.

What are Run Flat Tyres?

These are designed to remain safe and also functional for a limited time with no air pressure. This simply means, in the situation of a puncture, you can continue driving for about fifty miles without having to even change the tire, which can actually be enough to get you home or where you can get the tires done.

Components of a Tire/Tyre

  • The Tread
  • The Bead
  • The Shoulder
  • The ply
  • Sidewall

Benefits of Run Flat Tires

  • Mobility after a Flat
    This is one of the main advantages. When pesky nails or other sharp objects puncture your tire, you can just continue driving, so you do not have to stop driving to an unknown area or even a dangerous place which leads us to the next advantage
  • Safety
    Run-flats provide offer immeasurable violence apart from convenience because they allow you to stay mobile, without the sudden and most especially sometimes violent changes in motion that can happen when you accidentally lose air pressure.
  • Less weight and more space
    You can do away with that heavy and consuming spare since you do not have to change a run-flat immediately. Although it is advisable to take caution before tossing that donut by the roadside.
  • Options: The ability to drive to your local repair shop after a flat.
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  • Reduced Fuel Economy
    All that technology is heavy, and also weightier run-flats can reduce your fuel economy by 1-2%.
  • Availability
    Run flats require configuration standards and it can be difficult to look exactly what you need. Some specific sizes and tread options might not be readily available.
  • Repairs: Driving without air beyond recommendations can make many repairs very impossible, while run-flat tires are repairable within warranty standards,
  • Cost: Most run-flat tires come at a premium price

How to Identify Run-Flat Tires

All vehicles that are compatible with run-flat tires have a tire pressure monitoring system(TPMS) which is made and designed to alert the driver in the event of loss of air pressure. Without a TPMS system, it could be almost impossible to discover a puncture, given that run-flat tires will continue to work even when they are deflated.

However, the easiest way to detect a run-flat tire is by looking at the tire’s sidewall. It might say “run-flat” on it, or it might have letters that are specific to the manufacturer. Some or most TPMS systems show an alert on the center console, which reminds the driver that they should stop driving after 50 miles and search for a tire repair or replacement.

Are Run Flat Tyres Repairable?

run flat tires

Run-flat tires are not repairable, this is so because, once they have been driven on, they lose their structural integrity, which makes them not suitable for puncture repair. If they are repaired, it is almost assured they will puncture again down the line due to uneven wear and even loss of rigidity.

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And that is their huge drawback compared to conventional tires, which can often be repaired reasonably cheaply after a puncture. Given the expense of buying run-flat tires in the first place, each puncture can end up costing a slight fortune.

Types of Tyre

There are different types of tires that are classified into various standard types based on their types of vehicle applications. Below are some of the most common and standard tires you see around. Here they are:

  • Run-flat tires
  • All-terrain tires
  • Off-the-road tires
  • The 4×4 tires
  • Winter Tyres

Run Flat Tyres BMW

If you own a high-end BMW, the thrill is driving it something else. Although your vehicle might likely suffer from a puncture as any other vehicle, this is because you are driving on the same road as the others. But the presence of run-flat tires BMW ensures that you are spared the trouble of changing tires in the middle of the road, most especially when you are getting late for an event or even a meeting.

Run-flat tires that keep and also maintain the vehicle in the right motion under low or zero air pressure are being offered by so many vehicle makers just like BMW.

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