Most road users drive on the road but don’t know what the message or Sign on roads means. Or even imagining what the colors of these symbols mean. It’s more like a bonus for every driver who understands road signs and obeys them. These signs could be life-saving and can prevent drivers from foreseen dangers and inconvenience.

Road Sign

It might be difficult to discern symbols on the road due to the differences and types of symbols. This is why symbols are now made with written words and images drawn on it. To make it easy for drivers and other road users to understand. Symbols are now becoming a new tool for traffic control regulatory devices in the world. Symbols are also made into different shapes and colors for quick recognition on roadways, so it’s expected of you to know what shape, color, and symbol a board carries. These colors are stated and explained below.

Road sign colors and it’s meaning

Most roadway signs have a special color and shape that comes with it, these color and shape tell you what message the sign is sending.

  • Green color Symbol: The green color signs are used for directional guidance and permitted movements. They are mostly used for names of streets, exit signs, mile markers, city directions and distance between two places.
  • Red symbols: Red symbols generally are stop signs, but apart from the stop or yield, red signs can also mean restriction and wrong way. Some examples are the park sign and no U-turn sign.
  • Blue symbols: These color act as user guidance along the road such as recreational areas, bars, hotels, gas stations, and hospitals.
  • Orange symbols: The orange sign tells drivers to be aware of construction sites, or road maintenance. This simply means you should slow down or be careful not to drive radically.
  • Brown symbols: They give a message or are area guidance to pedestrians. And drivers about public recreational avenues cultural interest areas such as amusement parks, museums, and zoos.
  • Pink symbols: they are colors that tell you that an accident or a catastrophic event has taken place and road users should be careful of the amount of speed to be driven.
  • Greenish-yellow symbols: this indicates that pedestrian crossing, school zone, bicycle areas are located ahead of the roadway.
  • Yellow symbols: The yellow color symbols are for the warning, they tell you about that is likely to happen It might be telling you about bad roads or a pothole that is ahead and you should be careful about how you make use of the road.
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These colors play an essential role in road users for the proper use of the roads. Learning the shapes and signs even without the information on them is quite a step further for you to easily understand what the regulatory signs are talking about.

The benefit of colors on road signs is important for instance you saw a red color road symbol even without the real information you already know it’s telling you to stop due to the road end is probably ten meters away.

Road sign shapes also play significant roles just as colors. The shapes combined with colors of symbols are enough to give information easily even without the real content on the symbol

Road sign shapes and their meaning

Circle shape symbol: The circle shape is indicators for a railway crossing. Ahead usually there will be a white and black colored sign like an “X” it warns drivers and pedestrians to be careful of rails.

Equilateral Triangle: Generally the equilateral triangle shape means yield no other shape has its significance.

Trapezoid shape: This shape often comes with a brown color that tells you that forest sites, recreational areas, forest routes, and cultural interest routes are ahead of the roadway.

Octagon shape: Octagon shapes are to stop. Drivers are ought to take another road or take a turn.

Diamond shape: They are warning shapes telling you about an unexpected situation such as temporal road maintenance. At this point, you should reduce speed while driving.

Pentagon shape: they are indicators used around school areas like school crossing and country route signs. Drivers are meant to drive at low speed to avoid hitting students or children.

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Crossbuck shape: They like an “X” shape. This shape is used in railway areas, they warn pedestrians and drivers to be aware of oncoming rails.

Pennant shape: Pennant shape or isosceles triangle are indications for no-passing zones. Which you are advised to go back or find another route.

Rectangle shape: Rectangular shapes or square shapes are for regulatory signs such as minimizing vehicle speed.

When you begin to use the road as a commercial or personal driver. Your knowledge about road signs will improve and you get to know and be able to discern their differences. Knowing these traffic signs is a step further on been a better driver, pedestrian or cyclist.

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