A parking sensor is a must in new cars, they assist the driver to park properly without denting the car. The sensor enables users to park in a tricky parking lot without a hassle. In the latest trends in cars, having driving sensors are highly considered.

Parking Sensor


The latest cars have the parking sensor preinstalled however if your car does not have one you can install it.

How To Choose The Best Reverse Parking Sensor

We did the much we can to streamline the Parking sensors on this list to the following criteria.

  • Coverage area
  • Price
  • Ease to Install
  • Durability
  • Feedback system

Top Parking Sensors

Below are some of the best sensor that you can get off the market.

  • Zone Tech Reverse Parking Sensor

Zone tech is surely one of the best parking sensors in the market. It is capable of detecting obstacles such as a wall, and even pedestrians. Once installed, the parking sensor has colors (green, yellow and red) codes to report the distance from obstacles.

  • Ekylin Auto

This product comes on this list because of the features it has and the versatility. The sensor is packed in with everything you need to install it yourself. Once installed the driver gets audio/visual clue of how close they are to impeding obstacles.

  • Peak Wireless Backing up Sensor

The handy wireless parking senor finds a place on our list. The sensor features a unique and stressless installation. Once installed you can locate obstacles five feet away at an impressive accuracy. Furthermore, they are designed to work both day and night. Aside from that the position of these can be shifted at any time.

  • Frostory Car Reverse Backup Sensor

This another impressive product that is packed with four sensors, CPU, cables and an alarm. To blend in, the parking sensor comes in an array of color options. You can get it to start working straight away after installing it. The sensor notifies the driver with an audible beep that gets louder as the car approaches an obstacle.

  • Koolertron Reverse Parking Sensor

This kit comes to life when you switch the car to reverse. The red, yellow and green light installed on the car dashboard allows the driver to know how close they are to an obstacle. Aside from the lights on the dashboard, another warning system is an audible system that alerts the driver of obstacles.

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In conclusion, you too can join in the car trends with the parking assist sensor. They are affordable, easy to install, and use. Choose one for your vehicle.

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