Let’s talk about why you Keep Having Flat Tires.  It always like you are on a losing side whenever other vehicle drives pass you and you keep wondering why you can’t use your car simply because the tires are down. It’s normal to have flat tires sometimes but it’s never proper for tires to be always punctured deflated.

Flat Tires

Why Do I Keep Having Flat Tires?

There could be so many reasons why your tires are always deflated or punctured, these could be your fault or the manufacturers. Let’s discuss the reasons why your tires go flat and how you can put a stop to it by applying precautionary measures.

Natural rot

Dry rot is natural decomposition that happens to tires, these rots can weaken tires durability. When a tire gets old they decompose gradually leading to cracks which can cause tires to puncture or leak. Apart from natural decays, there are agents that can cause tires to decay these agents are stated below.

  • Excessive damage caused by sunlight
  • Inconvenient atmospheric temperature
  • Deflated tire
  • Long term unused tires
  • Nakedness to harmful chemicals

Taking proper inspection and specifications can help you prevent rot if probably your car is faulty. It has to be parked for a long period of time always checked tire and gauge once in a month.

Be sure that your car is not parked under direct sunlight but if your apartment doesn’t have a parking space, do well to cover tires with tire cover or probably a vehicle cloth.

If you noticed cracks like a spider’s web it could be that it was caused by dry rot. Contact your Vulcanizer for repairs

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Valve stem leakage

Happily, you bought new tires and old ones have been changed. While driving on the road you have gone a few miles far, and you noticed one of the new tires has gone down.

After a few personal verification’s you noticed there were no punctures. what could be the problem? The new tire has a leaking valve. what is a valve stem?

Valve stems is that component that helps transfer air pressure in the tube, its found on the wheels of a tire. This valve stem carries two functional parts, the valve cap, and the valve core.

The core has a vent that allows air to go in and out of the tire and the cap prevents debris from going into the core.

The valve stem and its components could develop faults through high temperatures, liquid substances, UV rays and even due to its age. When damages occur there could warrant leaks from valve causing tire deflation or low air pressure in tires and these can poor vehicle handling.

Punctures by sharp objects

Most roads are filled with debris especially when driving on the roads of underdeveloped areas. There are almost the reason why tires get flat or punctured.

There could be sharp objects on the road that could harm not only your tires but to humans as well. One step to take to help your tire last long is by avoiding debris by driving on the side of the road in other not to get your tire punctured by broken glasses or nails.

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Leakage from tire bead

The tire bead can also cause your tires to be flat. What is a tire bead?

The tire bead is the rubber edge that fits in place of the rim. tire beads were made with tiny metals in it to help secure tires from spinning on the rim and provide an airtight seal in the wheel. rims can leak if the tires were not properly fixed or installed.

Deflation caused by heat

Another reason why your tires might be flat is a high temperature. These happen most at times during summer because there would be less rain during this period and the atmospheric temperature is high. Mercury will always rise as far as there is heat. And will lead to increased pressure in the tire that makes tire leak or burst.

Faulty TPMS

The tire monitoring pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) were made to read tire pressure and give notification that your tire is low. At times the TPMS could show a sign that your tires are deflated but there really aren’t.

TPMS can develop faults due to low sensor battery and poor programming. This is the reason why drivers ignore signs from the TPMS. This could cause carelessness that will result in tire deflation.

If you get to experience a fault in the tire pressure monitoring system. Contact a technician for repairs to avoid carelessness.

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