You own a car for a couple of years and it turns out your car is developing faults. One problem you won’t like to experience is a vibrating car. It could be fun for you but it never funs to the vehicle, And you won’t like to be caught in a scene of a car that broke down on the way.

Car Is Vibrating

My Car Is Vibrating / Shaking, What could be the Cause?

If your car vibrates or shakes when in motion or when you brake or even when at a static position it calls for attention and it could lead to a bigger problem if been ignored. there reasons why your car will shake.

The issue about shaking vehicles is that they might be cheap and simple to repair but could lead to a bigger and expensive problem if there are diagnosed quickly, that’s why it’s advised to detect problems on time.

There are various reasons why your shakes while driving. they are stated below

Parts are worn out

A vehicle carries many mechanical parts that can make it vibrate if there are bad. An example is a driveshaft, When bent it could make your car vibrate. You were caught up in an accident and your car starts vibrating afterward it could be a problem in the Axle. The axle can also make a car vibrate if it is bent.

Also, constant velocity joints can cause your vehicle to vibrate when there wear out. if you are still driving and you suspect these problems, its better you check the boot to confirm if there are still intact or if there is leakage from lubricant jars.

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Faulty engine

Some parts in the engine can also create vibrations in a car, one is the spark plug. The spark plug is meant to last for 75,000-115000 miles depending on the manufacturer’s quality and model of vehicle.

if spark plugs are faulty there could be vibration created in the car but if after a proper check has been done and it not faulty it could be a problem concerning the engine air filter. check the air filter for dirt that could block oxygen and fuel from circulating properly in the engine.

Faulty brake

If vibration occurs when using the brakes. There is a probability that your brake is bad. There are few parts of the brake that are ought to be changed most often. Which are the pads and rotors? The rotor is a disc-like metal that is attached to the wheel, as time goes it tends to wear off.

There are pads that work in hand with the rotors. When these pads start wearing it makes them inactive and causes vibrations to the car. All vehicle brake should be changed after been used for 50,000 miles but some last longer depending on the quality and makes

Bad or unbalanced Tires

Most vehicle vibrations can be caused by tire alignments problems. Vibrations can be felt at high speed if tires are unbalanced or probably wearing out. At this point, the tires need to be aligned properly or tire rotation is better done as soon as possible or a set of new tires should be fixed in other to stop vibrations.

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Lack of or insufficient fuel

Vehicle vibration could be a result of insufficient fuel. When your vehicle lack diesel it jerks when you press down the accelerator and probably shuts down after covering a short distance.

Broken engine mount

Bad or broken engine mounts could be a good reason why your car vibrates. Engine mounts are meant to absorb vibrations from the engine. When there are damaged they lose the ability to dampen. Causing the engine to wander freely in the bumper and the effect makes the vehicle shake.

Bad shocks

Bad shocks could probably cause your vehicle to shake. Most vibration problems are been caused by bad or worn shock absorbers. So it’s better advised to check shocks and struts for proper stabilization.

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