You have probably heard about GPS, and you are not new to its numerous features, but the question now is; is a stand-alone GPS obsolete? Does it have any sort of relevance now in the 21st Century Digital age? Can it be compared to various other GPS devices found on the Android and IOS devices?

is stand-alone gps obsolete

In this article, we would be addressing a number of these questions, and at the end, we would find out if a stand-alone GPS is still useful today or obsolete.

Before we delve into the discussion of today, let’s briefly look at some information on what a stand-alone GPS is.

What is GPS?

GPS, or the Global Positioning System, is a global navigation satellite system that provides location, velocity, and time synchronization. GPS can be found everywhere. You can find it in your car, on your smartphone, or even on your wristwatch.

What is a Stand-alone GPS System?

A stand-alone GPS system is also referred to as a hand-held GPS device. It is a device that was originally developed for the sole purpose of Global navigation.

The first hand-held GPS was developed in the ’80s and mid 90’s, the GPS unit served one primary purpose for the backpacker/mountaineer and that was to give a “grid coordinate”, (UTM coordinate) or a Latitude/Longitude location.

You would then take the GPS coordinate and use the UTM grid lines or lat/long lines on your map to locate your exact location.

Why the Stand-alone GPS is considered Obsolete

car gps

In plain terms, “The Smart Phone has made the hand-held GPS device obsolete. Today not many people know what the stand-alone GPS looks like, and very few people know how to make use of it.

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Another thesis is that people don’t have the knowledge of how to access and interpret the topographic maps. The GPS in smartphones has made it so easy for people to be able to track and locate one location from another using more modern technology.

Smartphones don’t need to give you just a grid coordinate, they will show you your exact location on a beautiful map on the large HD screen you are carrying 24/7.

In conclusion, smartphones have killed the handheld stand-alone GPS because of its ever-evolving applications.

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