Today’s Article centered on How to Wash Car Interior. Good car care pays as it can prolong the lifespan of your car. And the better part of it is that it does not require much to wash your car interior. Sometimes the business of the day can overwhelm you from doing the necessary cleaning your car need while some car owners are just messy in the house and in the car.

How to Wash Car Interior


In this post, we will be looking at how you can turn the state of your car interior in just a while. That is if you can put in the thorough work required.

How to Wash Car Interior Yourself

Below are the steps to wash your car interior your self.

Empty the Car

Empty everything out of the car. You need space when you want to thoroughly clean the interior of your car. So remove magazines, gym bags, work documents, everything.  Trash all you won’t need again and keep all your important stuff safe.

Cleaning the Central Console

Using a moist rag, wipe the console of the car. Ensure that you concentrate on stains and the dirtiest areas. To wash a car interior is not different from your everyday home chore.   Wipe clean the dashboard and the steering wheel. Concentrate on the gear-stick, door pockets as they can save a lot of dirt. Use cotton wool or wrap a rag around a stick to reach difficult areas that your hand can not reach.

Wash the car interior to detail using a toothbrush to the rough surface on the dash, door and around the gear.

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Clean The Windows

Using a window cleaner applied to the glass, clean the window while watching out for stains. However, some towel will leave threads behind. Ensure to use a compact towel that doesn’t shed off threads.
Wash the car interior screens including the windshield, side windows, rear window, and sunroof.

Cleaning the Seats and Upholstery

The seats of the car can be really messy from drink spills, and the age of the car. As such to wash car interior seats, you must be very thorough as it determines how neat your car is. Places to look out for are the floor mats, seats, and the roof.

First, remove the floor mat and dust the dirt off them and wash it with water and soap. Then keep in a place to dry off. Now proceed to vacuum the car top to bottom. suck up the dust on the ceiling, on the seats and the floor using the appropriate nozzles on various surfaces.

Next using a hard plastic brush, work thoroughly on the carpet and floor of your car. Then move on to the seats brush on the seat of the car. For leather seats, clean it off using a wet rag and water. you can also apply a small soft brush to clean off dust from tight spaces.

You read up the manual for an approved way to clean the seats. Normally, it will require using foam and soapy water to clean off the seats. To remove tough, apply a stain remover.

Finishing Up

Open the doors of the car to allow fresh air in to dry up the freshly wash car interior. This is better on a sunny so as to have the sun dry up the moist surfaces. Open the four doors as wide as it can.

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Install an air freshener or spray in an air freshener product. Ensure to use long-lasting air fresheners, to keep out the old smell the led you to wash the car interior.
Finally, replace the floor mat, and other of your necessary stuff in an orderly manner.

To wash a car interior is a do it yourself a skill that anyone can undertake without stress. Even if you are working you could take out Saturdays to give your car a long-awaited treat that it needs.

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