Let’s talk about how to make your old car feel/look new again You don’t have a brand new car, yet you enjoy it. That is great! But maybe if it looked a little newer, you’d love it more — and maybe it would also. Grant some attention to your 4-wheeled pride and joy and it’ll love you back.

Make Your Car Look New Again

How to Make Your Car Look New Again


These steps below will help you make your old car look new again.

Wash and Organize your car

Make it a habit to empty barges from your car. A serious deep cleaning is fantastic so you can splurge on a good interior feature once a year (money or your own time and effort) but a quick dusting at least once a month
will keep your car neat.

Replace the floor mat

This should be one of the first things to get rid of in your car. if your car still has an old floor mat not fit to still be in use, you should get rid of it and get a new one.

Get a new windscreen wiper

If you are living where the weather is pretty harsh, you know how necessary it is to get a windscreen wiper. with a microfiber cloth once a week you clean your blades, meanwhile replace blades every couple of months.
You can also treat your windscreen with Rain-X to help your wipers work perfectly.

Get some seat covers

To protect your seats from spoiling in due time, or rather to cover a spoilt seat, you can buy some seat covers in lovely colors and styles so to beautify the interior of the car.

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Clean the windows both inside and out

To improve the appearance of the car and also to your visibility, clean your windows both inside and out. Most times the inside of your car’s windows will look disgusting and very dirty. use a good cleaner to remove stickers and stains . some car owners use papers or paper towers and barely soapy water as a windscreen cleaner which is not advisable.

Repair the dents and scratches

There are few techniques to remove dents from the body of your car. On older cars (especially cars whose body parts were made of metal), repairing scratches can prevent the car from rusting and from future damages.

Get a deodorant for the AC

Wish there is a deodorant for your air conditioner? There are A/C deodorizers and they are commonly sold in nearest auto parts stores. Its better to get them sooner than later to treat and prevent the musty scent of bacteria, mold, and chemicals. This is not just an attack to your nasal cavity, but also could be dangerous to your health.

Perform Regular Maintenance, Like Oil Changes

This might not contribute to how directly your car looks, but keeping your car running in good condition is more important and necessary than it looking good. With your old cars, sometimes constant and minor maintenance seems not too worth it. But it really does. Regular change of oil, filter replacement, and checking of belts can make an older car running for years beyond its expiration date.

Repaint the Exterior

This may cost much, but painting your car can make big changes in the look of your car. With the right money, you can get your car painted and pimped making it look like a new one again.

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Replaced Damaged Parts

If dents and scratches on your car cant are easily repaired. Replacing spoilt parts of your car and replacing them with a new one, surely gives your car a new look.

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