So your car’s battery is down and you are ready for work in the morning. This is where how to jump-start a car can come in handy. All you need to do is to ask your neighbor or colleague for permission to jump start your car using his battery.


How to Jump Start A Car
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To Jumpstart a car all you need is a Jumpstart cable and another battery.

How To Jump Start A Car

The following steps will show you how to jump start a car.  Let’s dive in.

Get Out Your Jump Start Cable.

Jumpstart cables are as important as having a jack in your car or any other basic tool. It is the major component in carrying out the process. It is a few meters long cables with clips on both sides.  Typically the cable is made of a red and black cable with clips at the ends. The black cable is called negative while the red positive.

Park Both Cars

Depending on the length of the jump start cable, park both cars close to each other and shut off the ignitions.

Connect the Positive Clip of The Jumpstart Cable

Attach the clip of the red cable to the positive terminal of your battery. Then attach the other end of the clip to the positive terminal of the other car. Ideally, the red cable will be labeled a positive sign or it will be bigger than the other.

Connect The Negative Clip Of The Jumpstart Cable

Connect one of the negative clip (black cable) to the negative terminal of the other car. Then connect the second clip to an unpainted metal part (another metal part not close to the battery) of your car.

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Make sure the jumper Cables is Connected Properly.
Recheck the battery connection with the jumper cables. Ensure the cable is connected firmly.

Start The Car

If the car does not start up means you did not follow the right connection. Correct the connection and start again. Let the engine run for some minutes so that the alternator can charge your battery.

Caution: How To Jump Start Your Car

Ensure the cables connection are correct. If the car does not start up check the battery connections again else you might run the other battery down and be without a solution. Go through this post carefully to understand how to jump start your car.

Ensure to ask questions or comment if the process is not clear.

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