It is a real test of your driving skill to drive in snow. Snow can cause a severe impaired vision making it difficult to see what is in front or the road path in itself. So you need to be prepared before going out driving in the winter or in snow.


How To Drive in Snow

It is fair to state that you should only drive in snow when it is absolutely necessary. As driving in winter results in a lot of dangerous incidents. As such this guides should be taken into account just in case.

Guidelines For Cars During Winter

  • Pack items such as snack and water for a prolonged stay, blanket, flashlight, glass scraper.
  • Ensure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Inspect the tire of your car for threads and change if necessary
  • Fill up your fuel thank.  You might need it.
  • Do not warm your car in an enclosed space.
  • Drive very slow in the winter period.
  • Always give your self a head starts for meetings or wherever you are going to because of the extra care required. So that you can take time to de-ice your car properly before hitting the road.
  • Plan your movement along major roads. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere in the snow.
  • Make your fashion winter-ready before going out.
  • Always ensure your phone is charged to call for help if need be.
  • Pack a shovel in the trunk of your car.

How To Drive in Snow

What if you’re stuck?

I always tell people to prepare for the worst while expecting the best. Well, this is where you do just that.

  • You might want to continuously turn the wheels from one side to the other in a bod to clear off the snow. Trying to accelerate only digs your car deeper.
  • Try using the shovel to dig out snow from beneath and around the tire. You could pour sand in front of the tire to make a track that your tire can grip to.
  • Try moving backward and then forward if your car is tuck. It just might move in one direction.
  • If you can not get the car moving by yourself, then call for help. Stay in the car, roll up the windows while you await help. Try to keep warm and keep the engine on for 15 minutes every one hour.
  • Ensure your exhaust is not under the snow when stuck.

That’s it, thanks for reading this safety tips. Take these rules and more when you are stuck driving in snow. Hope you find this article helpful? If yes, Kindly share, comment and Subscribe below.

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