As blood is to the human body so is oil to the car. At least in some way, a regular check of car oil can save you a lot more than you think. A simple maintenance routine for thousands of dollars for a new engine which will you prefer?

Check Car Oil


Oil is a lubricating fluid that is constantly circulated around a running engine.  It reduces the friction of touching part within a car engine. As such without the required level of the engine, it is certain to result in a damaged engine.

How To Check Car Oil

Check the car oil routine is one of the easiest jobs. All you need are the following.

  • A rag or paper towel
  • car’s owner’s manual if it is your first time.

Engine, Check Procedure

Although the dipstick method is almost fading out in recent cars lets take a look at both processes.

If checking the oil yourself

  • Ensure that you park the car on level ground so as to get the true level of the oil.
  • Let the engine cool off if the car has been on.
  • With the engine of the car off and cool,
  • Now proceed to check the car oil. Open the car’s hood.
  • Locate and pull out the dipstick from the engine. You could inspect the manual for the position of the dipstick.
  • Now wipe off the oil from the dipstick.
  • Then reinsert the dipstick back into the tube. Ensure to dip it all the way down.
  • Ensure you get it down to the closed position.
  • Now pull out the dipstick
  • Check the car oil from the dipstick, note the oil stain on the stick.
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Notice the lines or pinholes or L and H or MIN and MAX or a shaded area on the dipstick. Depending on the producers, there are several ways to indicate the oil level.

You can look in the manual to understand the car oil reading. However if the oil level exists between both indicators, then the oil level is fine.

But if the check result indicates less than the lower limit, then the oil is low.

Also, check the car oil’s color. Typically the car oil should be either brown or black.

If everything’s okay, wipe off the dipstick again and insert it back into its tube, making sure it’s fully seated. Close the hood and you’re done.

Resulting Outcome From Oil Check.

  • If the oil check shows a milky appearance. This could mean a leaking engine coolant.
  • Touch the oil to feel the viscosity. If there is a considerable lack of viscosity, you might need to change the car oil or add oil.

The best solution is to take the car to the mechanic for further diagnosis. For the first outcome, have the car towed else drive it to the nearest mechanic.

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