Gps tracker for car is a device that enables the car owner to know exactly where his car is at any time. It is greatly effective in protecting your car from theft. As you can easily trace the location of your car. However, it is for your own good not go looking for your car alone. Ensure to involve the authorities if your car is stolen.



GPS Tracker

That said let’s take a look at the best GPS tracker for car.

Best Gps Tracker For Car

Below are some of the best Gps tracker available.

  • Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Vehicle Tracker
  • Zubie GL500C12M Teen Driver
  • Linxup OBD Tracker
  • Optimus 2.0 Tracker

Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Vehicle Tracker

Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Vehicle GPS Tracker is one of the popular GPS trackers available in recent times. It is widely considered as the best.  It offers an outstanding degree of accuracy in real-time. The three-axis acceleration meter feature enables users to pinpoint the location of the car every five seconds.

Tracking is capable of interfacing with both desktop and mobile devices. The GPS tracker also offers geofencing technology that alerts the user by email and text if the car leaves a geofencing zone.

All Data are stored for over a year with an active subscription starting at $25 per month.


At $100 the GPS tracker is a good value for money. It offers greater attention to details at well-structured pricing. The GPS tracker offers a tracking system for every 60 seconds, 30 seconds, or even 10 seconds. The subscription fee is $228 per year.

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You can also pay on a monthly basis and the AERICALOC can be canceled at any time but you can get the best deal on a yearly purchase.
The user gets real-time tracking on software or email, and a year’s data storage to recall routes and locations months.

Zubie GL500C12M Teen Driver GPS Tracker

The Zubie GL500C12M is a special kind of GPS tracker. It is targetted at tracking the cars of new drivers. Quite useful in tracking the car of your teenage daughter that just started driving. It can detect another driver and the speed the car is moving at. You can get to know if you are going above the speed limit in a certain area and get alert too. Apart from tracking functionalities, the tracker notifies users of potential faults in a car.

Linxup OBD Tracker

The Linux OBD car tracker comes at a friendly budget. The Linxup GPS tracker can be installed to the OBD port easily without many technicalities.

Aside from standard tracking features, the Gps tracking device interfaces with Google Maps, text alerts, email alerts, maintenance tracking access. It can also detect driver performance and provide reports and if need be suggestions.

Optimus 2.0 Tracker

The Gps tracker is only 1 x 1.5 x 3 inches in size. At that size, it is a truly portable option that you can easily move from one car to another or attach to a car easily. As a small device, you can easily hide anywhere within the car.
There is a monthly plan that is open to cancellation at any time.

It can be monitored on a downloadable iPhone or Android app. Its service includes report or alert via e-mail and text message, geofencing, speeding, google map navigation and low battery, SOS button for emergency services.

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The internal battery of the tracker is capable of staying up for one to two weeks before recharging depending on usage.

Well, that’s our list of top GPS tracker based on the features and pricing. Note: the devices are not ranking any particular order.

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