As a driver or a car owner, you need to know driving tips and safety and also the bad driving habits to avoid, to ensure a safe trip. Listed below are some safety tips and safety you need to know:

Driving Tips and Safety

Major Driving Tips and Safety

Below are some Driving tips and safety.

Always put on a seat belt

Be it short or a long trip, you are advised to always put on a seat belt. The seat belt is not meant for only the drivers, the passengers are also advised to always put on a seat belt to ensure safety. Seat belt helps distribute forces from a crash across the chest and pelvis, and some of the strongest part of the body. Putting on a seat belt doesn’t warranty that you can’t get a crash, but it’s better to get few bruises than your body flying into the windscreen.

Put all Mobile Phone Away

Drivers (learners or experts) are not allowed to use phones while driving. Phones are forms of distraction and can lead to an accident. Before driving, ensure that you switch off your phone and put it out of reach. if there is an important call for you, look for a place to park and answer the call.

Always Abide By the Speed Limit

Over speeding is 90% the cause of the accident, So ensure you keep to the speed limit. Keeping to speed limit does not only reduce the risk of an accident, but it also helps you avoid costly traffic fines.

Do Not Drink While Driving

Drinking and driving is a very wrong thing to do, it leads to an accident. When there are little amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream, it affects your driving ability, which increases the risk of a serious or fatal accident. Also, do not drive after drinking either.

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Have Enough Rest Before you Drive

Sleeping while driving is almost the same as driving drunk, which is very dangerous. As a driver, ensure to have enough rest/sleep before you hit the road or embark on any journey (be it far or near).

Bad Driving Habits You Must Avoid


Tailgating is an act of driving dangerously close behind another vehicle. While driving, there should always be a minimum of two seconds’ distance to each car (both behind or in front) on the road. We should learn to always be patient while driving.

Failing to Indicate

Always indicate properly when you want to do anything such as Turning, Parking, etc.

This also implies to pedestrians, giving signal is a means of communication for pedestrians and drivers.

Jumping Traffic Lights

One of the most dangerous bad driving habits is jumping of the traffic light, this can cause a very fatal accident on the road.

Dangerous Overtaking

As a driver, You are meant to horn before you overtake any vehicle. Honing will make the vehicle ahead of you give way for your pass.

Eating while Driving

A lot of drivers have gone against this rule, eating and driving are bad. Your two hands are meant to be on the steering, eating and driving cause distraction. Some drivers are fond of driving with one hand and eating with the other, which is a very bad habit.

Not making use of the Traffic Light: Always ensure to Use the traffic light, and stop whenever it shows RED.

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