DIY car maintenance can be cheap and exiting. On your vehicle, one of the most important parts of safety is your Car headlight. You can get fined by the police or even engage in an accident if one or both bulbs are burnt. However, it’s an easy job to fix your car’s headlight bulbs. You don’t need to consult your mechanic to do it, it’s cheaper doing it yourself.

car headlight

It’s advisable to check your headlights weekly or so. Check it in daylight so you won’t be caught at night with a burnt headlight.

How to Change your Car Headlight

Step 1: Test all your bulbs

To know your burnt bulb, you need to check all the headlight bulbs. High beams, Running lights, and Low beams and also check the taillights too while checking others.

Step 2: Buy the required bulb replacement.

It’s not hard getting your headlight replacement. You go to any auto parts store or online store to get your headlight bulb that suits your car. It also depends on the make and age of your car, the replacement headlight bulb can either be halogen or xenon. You can check your car manual to know the right bulb to buy: a high beam or low beam. It’s best to replace both bulbs at the same time so its best to buy two bulbs. Else, one headlight will be brighter than the other, and that’s going to look awkward.

Step 3. To get the rear headlight, Open the hood.

To replace the bulb, you have to be careful opening the hood and do not try to pop the cover off. At the back of the headlight, you will see an electrical connector showing out. carefully remove it. sometimes you will need to remove the entire headlight assembly, in which they are held by screws or mounting pins but it depends on the model of your car.

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Step 4: Identify the old headlight bulb and remove it.

This can be confusing. Mostly the headlight bulb is located between so many other parts that are more imposing and even bigger than the headlight bulbs. when you locate the bulb, you rotate and remove it.

if you having condensation problem before in your headlights, it’s best you also tackle the issue now, you remove the whole headlight assembly and wit a hairdryer or silica packs dry it.

Step 5: Insert the headlight bulb replacement.

When you have removed it from its packaging, with a glove or cloth you handle it with care. You can create a hot spot on the glass with tiny scratch or mark from your finger. Insert the new bulb so it’s locked properly in it place. Put back the electrical connector and check the bulb. When it’s done and working, do not forget to change the other headlight bulb.

Step 6: If necessary Adjust the headlight beams.

Since the hood is up with a little engine stain on your fingers, you can check the alignment of your headlights. but you have to be careful adjusting the headlights’ beams.


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