Having a dead car battery means that your car is undrivable since it won’t start unless you change it. The called into action when you the key in the ignition or pressing a button. At this point, your battery is your battery kicks up the engine. The chemical-based battery transforms generates electrical energy to the starter motor.


dead car battery

All these can not take place when you have a dead car battery. The engine might attempt to start but will fail every time. Because the battery can no more generate enough engine for the initial engine startup

Signs of A Dead Car Battery

Before your battery eventually dies here are some signs to note. So you know when to change your dead car battery. Below are signs of Dead Car Battery.

Hard Start

There is a feel-good factor when you enter your car and get a one time start as you turn on the ignition. But as the car battery tends to the dead state, you find yourself turn the key but the car takes a long time to start. It might start as a fraction of a minute later than usual to eventually not starting at all. Over time, as the battery will wear out it becomes less effective.

Dim Light and Electrical Malfunctioning

There are some connections within the car that are directly connected to the battery. So without starting the car, you could still use them. Some examples are the headlights, radio, inner lights and more. As such as the car battery becomes dead, you will have these equipment showing you signs of insufficient power supply. In the case of the light it tends to appear duller (No it’s not always from the bulb). While the radio might give extra static sounds than usual. Also plugging a device to the car will tend to charge slower than usual

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Poor Engine Lights

Engine lights on the dashboard automatically come up before you turn the ignition. They become even more visible in the night thus letting you see that speed meter and other measurements clearly in the night. When your battery is new, these light stays steady and bright as you turn the ignition. However, when your car battery is tending towards the dead state, there is this dull output on the light and as you turn the ignition power is sucked out of the supply for the engine lights. Meaning the lights goes off to give some juice for the engine to come on.

Bad Smell

Remember the battery is a composition of lead and acidic chemicals working together to give energy. For a dead car battery, it might result in a chemical reaction and the expulsion of gas that smells like rotten eggs. You can’t miss it when you open the hood.

Rust on Connectors

When your car battery is dead or prior to it, you will start noticing a white, ashy substance on the battery connector. Sometimes it tends to cover the battery connection with the car. That the battery will not respond when you turn the ignition. A temporary solution is scraping or just hitting out this substance and giving it a start. Note that will only the beginning of the worst to come, heed the warning and start saving up for a new car battery.

Dent on The Battery Case

This is a case that usually occurs in extreme weather temperatures (too hot or cold). exposure of battery to weather such as this might be a problem as they might swell and become disfigured. Soon as you notice your battery developing and extra bulge on one angle or dent, that makes anything but rectangle it is damaged.

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Age of The Battery

Before your car batter winds up dead, ideally must have lasted 3-5 years with proper maintenance. If your battery is of that limit, then the battery has expired and can be considered as dead. As your battery tends towards three years go for periodic checks and look out for the above symptoms of the dead car battery. If any of the cases are observed, then you need to prepare for a replacement.


When you have a battery giving you up to five years you should not be sad as the battery has lived up to its potentials and kudos to your maintenance program. It is totally natural..

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