Let’s talk about Common Car Battery Problem that tells you it is time for a new Battery. It’s easy to detect if your car is faulty but knowing the causes of these problems is confusing and hard in most cases. A car battery is like the powerhouse of a vehicle without it the vehicle in like an empty house.

Car Battery Problem

Without the battery, your car can’t start and you won’t be going anywhere listening to the radio. Usually, before a battery gives signs of faults it dies slowly except the failure results to immediate cell destruction which gives no sign and makes you to jump-start your car at that point before it can work properly. There are signs a vehicle will show to make you know your battery is going bad and needs to be changed, these signs are.

Common Car Battery Problem that tells you your car battery needs change

Below are common car battery problem that tells you your battery needs replacement.

When engine doesn’t crank, shows light or starts

This problem is clear, quite easy to detect and it even clearly tells you how bad your battery might be. the battery generates power to every appliance in the vehicle even when the alternator is off if there is no sign of light in your vehicle, its obvious that your battery is dead or bad and needs to be changed or charged. If the vehicle doesn’t start or crank but headlights are on it might be another problem either from the starter or from the engine.

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Low battery fluid

Batteries have transparent parts casing that allows you to see through them with the transparent part you will be able to know if your battery is low in fluid, if it is below the lead plates it tells you your battery needs a new one or a test.

Engine cranks but doesn’t start

If you have tried to start your car and it turns over but refuses to start it might probably be an issue of the starter but in most cases, the problem is from the battery. at times the ammeter will show a sign of good battery but your vehicle won’t start due to the number of volts is not able to power the engine. When you notice this use the jump start to power your battery.

When vehicle slow to start

This is one symptom you have to be aware of. When you turn the key but your car takes more than the usual time to start, it tells you your battery is getting old or is low and needs to be tested or changed.

Unpleasant smell

Battery problems can cause odd smells from the hood of a vehicle this may be due to leakage in the battery. If you perceive an egg-like smell when you open the hood be sure its the battery and if it is, you need to change it or take it out for a check.

When the battery is old

Most times batteries don’t need to be faulty before changing, it better to change your batteries when they are old. Most batteries last for six years or less, if you have used your battery for some years it’s better to change it to avoid been caught in a serious battery problem.

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Swollen battery case

If you notice your battery is swelling it is a sign that your battery is dying gradually. This swell is caused by hot temperature and it reduces battery span.

Too much jump start

One reason why you have to change your battery is because of frequent battery jumping. If you will use the jumpstart method to start your car at least three times a week, it actually calls for a frequent and early change of battery. Batteries lose their life little by little if they are always jump started thereby losing their durability and might even cause problems to the starter and alternator giving you the only option of changing the battery, alternator, and starter.

Dashboard light

The battery symbol on the dashboard gives you a sign of the status of your battery. this might be because your battery is running low or damaged. when you see this sign on your dash it simply means your battery needs to be checked or taken to the mechanic.

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