There are obvious signs when you are driving a car with a deficient power steering fluid. When its time to change the power steering fluid you would certainly know if you have any experience with cars. Well even if you do not have much experience you certainly feel the effect and guess its some other fault within the engine.

Change Power Steering fluid


For starter, the engine becomes usually difficult to turn with a stiffness noise to accompany it. However, there is all you need to know about changing the power steering fluid.

Change Power Steering fluid- All You Need To Know

Below is all you need to know about power steering fluid.

Know When Its Time To Change Power Steering Fluid

Engine fluid has a life span. To change power steering fluid you have to have covered between 24,000 to 100,000 miles. However, you can find the right miles before changing the power steering fluid. But on the critical state, turning the steering would become difficult.

Locate The Reservoir And Check The Level of The Fluid

Typically the power steering fluid reservoir is located to the top right corner. However, you can check the manual to determine it. It should be filled with hydraulic when you locate it. Now open the cover, there should be a gauge attached to it.

Use the gauge to know the level of power steering fluid. It is much similar to checking the engine fluid of your car. Use the marking on the gauge to determine if the level is right or perfect.

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Empty The Power Steering Fluid in The Reservoir

There are two ways to empty the reservoir. Preferably using the pump is relatively easier all you need do is dip one tip of the pump into the can and pump. You can maneuver till you successfully get all the fluid out.

The second method involves jacking the edge of the car closer to the reservoir up. Locate the pump steering fluid pump and pull out the low-pressure hose to let out the fluid. Although this method is more effective, it requires much more expert skill to do this.

Change The Power Steering Fluid

Now that you have all the fluid out, it is time to change the power steering fluid. Open the cover of the power steering reservoir. Ensure that the funnel is fixed back before you do this.

Insert a filter into the reservoir. Notice the min and max markings on the reservoir can. Fill up the reservoir with the fluid till it gets up to the max point. You can also add the conditioner fluid to help preserve your power steering pump.

Finishing up

Now you have successfully change the power steering fluid. Turn the steering from one end to the other so as to allow the fluid circulate into the system.

Proceed to turn on the engine and turn the steering from one end to another. Then check the level of the fluid in the reservoir if it remains on the max position then all is OK. However, if the fluid goes lower than the minimum mark, then check the pump hose for leakage.

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