There goes the mechanic tell you again to fork out some cash to change your car oil.  when you can actually do it your self. Saving some extra buck requires getting your hands dirty. You should only pay for something so difficult that you can do on your own.

Change Car Oil



Now you have to think like a mechanic to do a mechanic’s job to change the car oil.

  • Move the car to a safe level location.
  • Allow the car oil to cool off before starting the procedure.
  • Ensure the car is in a static position with the hand brake drawn up.
  • Jack the car from the ground using the required tool. Warning, please ensure the jack is firm. You can figure out how to jack the car from the owner’s manual.
  • Now jack up the car, preferably the left but either the front, back, the right side is fine.
  • For safety purposes, please do not rely on the jack alone support with any other platform capable of taking the car’s weight.
  • Now place a pan beneath the engine. If the car has been on prior to the process then the oil will be hot.

Draining the Oil

For the next process, you will need the following items: hand gloves, oil filter, a device to remove the oil filter, new oil, plug washer, and a wrench.

  • Open the hood of the car.
  • Looking at the manual to locate the oil cap and remove it.
  • Now place the pan closer to the engine system. Locate the engine drain plug and remove it (using the wrench turn anti-clockwise). Also, replace the paper of the drain plug gasket.  Ensure the pan is placed beneath it.
  • Wait for the oil to drain out totally before replacing the plug properly.
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Replace/Change Car Oil

  • Locate the oil filter.
  • Next, unscrew the oil filter using the required tool.
  • Rub a little of the new oil around the gasket ring on the new filter. This is done to lubricate the gasket and ensure it seals properly.
  • Now fixed in the new filter. Ensure that it is done properly without missing a thread. Most filter comes with instructions on how to fix.

Adding the New Oil

Below is the final procedure to change the car oil.

  • It is time to pour in the new oil through the fill hole. Pour in the required quantity as stated in the car’s manual. Also, ensure that you are using the right oil. You can ask your mechanic for the best engine oil available.
  • Next replaces the cap.
  • Now start the car and watch out for oil spills underneath the car or outpour from the refill hole.
  • Turn off the car after a few minutes and check the oil levels. This done to ensure that the oil is working correctly.

Please take note that the process varies from car to car. It can be super tricky but can be done on your own. To ensure you do not mess things up, get someone who has done it alone before or get your mechanic.

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