Car overheating can be really embarrassing especially when it occurs in public. On your way to an important meeting. It is a situation that occurs when the cooling system is greatly insufficient to control the temperature cap of the car. This could ultimately result in either a violent burst up of the car’s radiator or a sudden steamy smoke from the engine compact of your car. So you can imagine how embarrassing it will feel.

Car Overheating


Car Overheating Reasons And Car Overheating Fix

There is a couple of reasons for car overheating however there are basics or common causes. Some of them are made known in this post.

A leak in the Cooling System.

  • Cause: in your engine cooling system is one of the likely causes of car overheating. Leaks in the radiator, water pump, connecting hoses, head gasket or thermostat housing, can make your cooling system largely insufficient.
  • Fix: To fix this fault, look for the point where the leak is and seal it.  Where there are no mechanics, you could seal up say the connecting hose with a material that won’t let water through.

Coolant Issues

  • Cause: Another cause is if you use the wrong engine coolant. Coolants are extra chemical substances that aid the impact of the water to reduce the temperature of the engine. So using the wrong coolant is absolutely capable of doing no job or making things worse. Apart from using the wrong engine coolant, miss calculation of the coolant to water ratio can be a cause.
  • Fix: Perhaps, it might be a difficult task for you. But a mechanic can flush the cooling system before readding the right coolant or mixing proportion.
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Blocked Hoses

  • Cause: This is another possible occurrence that could cause a problem. There might be no leak or other possible errors. The next cause is a blocked coolant hose. Dirt within the cooling system can stop your cooling system from function properly.
  • Fix: Flushing the system and refilling your coolant tank is once again the preferred course of action.

Radiator Problems

  • Cause: The radiator problem is another cause of overheating. There might be Leakage or problems with the fan. The radiator is the head of the car cooling system as such if it is not working the temperature of your is surely going to shoot up.
  • Fix: This is very obvious to pick out at first glance. So its either the mechanic features out the issue with the radiator or overhauls it for a new one.

Broken Water Pump

  • Cause:  This implies that water is not being correctly circulated around the cooling system. The water pump is in charge of getting the water in the system to reach all the necessary places.
  • Fix: Again, a mechanic can detect the fault easily. It could be a leak, shifted pump shaft.

Car Overheating? What To Do

If you notice car overheating while driving, do not drive further much else the engine will damage even more. I would advise you to get a mechanic or call towing service to your mechanic. However, if that no an option for some reason. Then.

  • First pullover from the road to safety if you are driving.
  • Turn off the car engine.
  • Do not open the hood until you are sure the engine has completely cooled. You can see that the gauge has moved from hot to cold.
  • Now proceed to Check the cooling fluid is at the right level in the radiator. You could check the manual to know the required level.
  • Next, proceed to open the radiator cap but make sure it has cooled down before doing so. Slowly open the with a towel.  Try to avoid the hot steam.
  • Fill the radiator with coolant to the normal level. That is if the level was reduced as a result of the overheating.
  • Now check the upper or lower radiator hose. Check for block, leaks or disconnections. Take the require measure above to fix the issue.
  • If it is something you can fix, restart the engine.
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Carefully monitor the temperature gauge. When you see it crossing optimal mark, pull over to a safe location and turn the engine off.
However, your best bet is to get help from a mechanic, your safest bet is to be prepared.

Some of the Essential Item to store in your car to deal with car overheating includes

  • Car Coolant
  • Tool kit
  • Flashlight
  • Water.

Thanks for reading watch out for more car fix that you just might need.

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