Car Infotainment System: Infotainment is a word that comes from fusing information and entertainment. A word that has become a major part of what modern cars about. Personally I feel that car companies are doing more to integrate the functionality of your smartphones to what you can do with a car. Top infotainment features allow the use of voice control on cars, get drive assist from the car, integration with mobile phones and more.


Car Infotainment System

The question is how can well do car manufacturers arrange all the features, buttons, screens and contents on the car. As such, we bring you the best infotainment systems in terms of the following areas.

  • Best Organization
  • Control
  • Innovation
  • Content
  • Integration

Best Car Infotainment System

Best Organized: Acura ODMD 2.0

Acura ODMD 2.0 makes it to the list for the best-organized infotainment system. The car producers prove to be more than just performance and aesthetics. The ODMD2.0 infotainment was rolled out in the TLX sedan as well as the MDX three-row SUV.


  • Dual screens.
  • Strategy places navigation
  • Backup camera views, phone
  • Apple CarPlay or Android Auto within the driver’s reach and line of sigh
  • Climate controls on the lower touchscreen.

This means there’s less clutter in each screen, and faster access once you get the hang of it — particularly thanks to the simplified menu system introduced in the current generation.

Best Controls: Audi MMI and Virtual Cockpit

Audi’s MMI interface is on the list as the best in terms of controls. It features a smart touch screen design for input dials and voice commands.

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  • Voice command
  • Handwriting control
  • Dedicated buttons for numbers

Most Innovative: BMW iDrive

BMW’s iDrive system offers a smooth, sophisticated and innovative system. The infotainment system includes some of the leading trends in the business. These features are controlled with a  joystick/dial, voice controls, and gesture.


  • Multiple control alternatives including talking, touching, pressing and gesticulating
  • Touchscreens with movable tiles
  • Voice control that comprehends casual commands

Best Content: Lexus Enform

The Lexus enform features the best content in the business. The system brings some cool surprises to the table.


  • Yelp, Slacker, Pandora, NPR, and sports, news, and financial information.
  • Order movie tickets
  • Book restaurant reservations
  • Find gas
  • Quick lodging
  • Destinations finding service.

Best Integration: Mercedes-Benz COMAND

The Mercedes COMAND infotainment system retains the whole idea of what infotainment is all about. It offers great integration with all the vehicle systems and several other apps.


  • Automatic audio muting system when you get a call
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration
  • Handwriting system for navigation and data entry.
  • Voice controls that do more.

Note that the list is arranged in no particular order. Watch out for more car reviews and Do it yourself car hacks. Thanks for reading.

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