Car dent is a common occurrence when it comes to automobile management. Road users can be rough and careless that you won’t know when one of them gives you car a dent.


Car dent

The mechanics feed off everyday occurrences like this to exploit you of your hard earn cash. But on this post, we are here to let you know that it does have to be that way. You can fix your car dents easy if you choose to. Instead of paying to fix the car dents, you can actually spend a fraction of the money on materials to fix it your self.

Effective Methods To Repair Car Dents Yourself

Although there are some other methods suggested by other websites, these processes work very fine. There are various methods to get car dents off easily

Plunger Method

This method involves using a plunger to suck off the car dent.

  • Wash the surface thoroughly
  • Wet the surface
  • Now put the plunger over it.
  • Plunge it down and pull you.

This might require several tries to actually get the dent off. It is a perfect method for beginners to try out.

Boiling Water Method

This works especially on the bumper of modern cars. Bumpers that are made of plastics. Dent might cause bulging without breaking. This method is pretty easy all you need to do is

  • Boil a kettle of water above the normal boiling point
  • Using a hand glove
  • Pour the water directly on the dent spot.

You will hear a pop at one point if the water is hot enough. Sufficient water is required to fix the car dent.

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Patch Method

This requires a medium level of skill or craft man but it is can be done yourself if you are willing to put in the work. The process requires the following materials.

  • Sand Paper- 120,220, 400 and 800 grit
  • body filler
  • Sand blocking
  • Spot putty
  • Body Putty
  • Car polish
  • Color-matched paint

Below are the process to fix the car dent in steps

  • Remove the first paint: Use the 150 grit sandpaper to brush off the paint up to an inch around the affected area.
  • Apply Filler: Now rub the filler over the dented spot.
  • Let the Filler dry up
  • Sanding Step: This is done to smoothen the filler with the rest of the car.  In this process, you will need protective goggles for your eyes and gloves for your hand. This protects you from dust coming from the filler and the toughness from the sandpaper.
  • Now wrap the 150 sandpaper around the sand block.
  • Rub against the filler over the car dent
  • Until the area becomes level with the rest of the car body.
  • Use the 220 grit to create a better finish
  • Use the putty to fill out small holes in the filler and wait till it dries.
  • This time improve your finishing with the 400 grit sandpaper.
  • Next, apply the finishing glaze to the entire patch
  • Spray the patch with primer, and then paint it.

The method you should use should depend on the extent of the car dent. It is far to state that some of the methods will not completely remove the dent but it will improve it. The most effective of these methods is using the patch method but it can be very difficult and handy.

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